Police fine cyclists near the scene of a fatal accident

Police fine cyclists near the scene of a fatal accident

This week, the police are actively prescribed penalties for cyclists Greenpoint, near the intersection where last weekend killed 27-year-old Neftali Ramirez, who was hit by a private garbage truck when he was riding a Bicycle home.

Franklin Street is a popular Cycling route as it leads directly to the protected lane on Kent Avenue. Supporters of Cycling are saying that this tactic of the authorities is unfair, as the cases of careless drive for cyclists are rare. Activists say that the police say that they fine those who use the road, however, except for cyclists few people stopped.

[email protected] ticketing cyclists after cyclist killed by hit & run driver last night. Shameful. @transalt @StephenLevin33 @NYPDTransport pic.twitter.com/LtVMUBqmVN

— Luke Ohlson (@ohlukeson) July 22, 2017

«A police officer fines a cyclist after another cyclist was killed in a fatal collision yesterday evening. A shame.»

Concerned cyclists have created a petitionurging the city Council to help «change the policy» and at the moment it has already collected 467 signatures. The petition also refers to other cases like «fever» with fines that followed the deaths of other cyclists: Matthew von Olen and Lauren Davis in Brooklyn, Kelly Hurley in Manhattan.

Another cyclist stopped (4:25PM) where Neftaly Ramirez died Saturday night @NYCMayorsOffice — #visionzero should focus on dangerous drivers! pic.twitter.com/xlXmoYGXCF

— Patrick Gilmour (@PatrickGilmour) July 26, 2017

«Another cyclist stopped there, where he died on Saturday Neftali Ramirez. The police need to pay more attention to the drivers!».

According to the study DNAInfo, for the period from mid-may to mid-June, the number of fines issued to cyclists in Bushwick, has increased by 160%, compared with the year 2016.

According to police, Neftali Ramirez, who lived in the East village, was mortally wounded at 00:30 on Saturday, July 22. In a preliminary report on the collision says he was riding his bike on Franklin Street when the driver of the truck, heading South, turned right on Noble Street and knocked him down. The driver left the scene, leaving the injured to die.

When a neighbor is killed on a bicycle I demand more than ticketing cyclists and a blinking billboard. @transalt @StephenLevin33 @NYPD94Pct pic.twitter.com/x3NICEmCD6

— Luke Ohlson (@ohlukeson) July 22, 2017

«When one of my neighbors killed, knocked off my bike, I require something more than writing up citations to other cyclists and the installation of a flashing Billboard».

Police posted digital Billboard, which displayed advice to drivers at the intersection, killing the cyclist. Also, investigators were able to calculate the garbage truck involved in the accident: it is owned by Action Carting and driving with license plates new Jersey.