The government can not punish the perpetrator, despite the evidence

The government can not punish the perpetrator, despite the evidence

Illegal immigrant, which several times expelled from the United States, was linked to a series of rapes in the Bronx and Westchester County, but the authorities can’t do anything. The reason — the expiry of the limitation period until there is a result of the DNA of the suspect. Victims may never know the name of the rapist, so how are things at the moment are considered closed.

The New York Post reports that the criminal Saga of Ronald Greenland, 54 years old, started when he first came to the U.S. from Jamaica in the 1980s. Then he committed several crimes ranging from car theft and ending with the arson and attack on police that led him behind bars.

The government can not punish the perpetrator, despite the evidence

Immigration and customs enforcement, the U.S. reported that in 2009, Greenland was deported from the country: he was sent back to Jamaica in the plane. But he came back again he embarked on a slippery slope. In 2015, he was deported a second time, but Grinlend again illegally crossed the border.

In November the police of Westchester noticed that he entered the dealership and took the disks with one of the cars. According to authorities, during the chase, Grønland pulled out a knife and repeatedly struck a police officer David Sanchez in the chest. The victim officer survived the attack only because he was wearing a Kevlar vest.

Samples of DNA taken from Greenland during previous prison terms. But not all of the samples collected in the 1990-ies, tested. In 2015, the vaults were a lot of untested DNA samples, and took $ 38 million to get rid of them. The authorities of Westchester made fresh DNA tests Greenland when he was accused of the attempted murder of a police officer. After they conceded the data obtained through the system, it was found that samples of DNA match with genetic material Grenland appear in multiple rapes.

But now it’s too late to bring the perpetrators to justice. Because the incidents occurred in the 1990-ies, the authorities cannot pursue Grenland in court, because then the period of limitation for such crimes was only 5 years. In the office of the district attorney of Westchester said the cops are now looking for a match for DNA samples in later cases to push the rapist formal charges.

Assistant district attorney, Paul Noto said that Grinland is now in jail Valhalla, awaiting a preliminary hearing in the case of assault on a police officer, to be held August 17. The suspect faces 25 years in prison to life sentence, so, most likely, Greenland will never be released.