A Florida man offered police $10,000, trying to avoid arrest

A Florida man offered police $10,000, trying to avoid arrest

On Wednesday evening a resident of Florida, Michael schedel was arrested on suspicion of DUI and possession of marijuana. The man was put in the patrol car to divert to the station, and then he came up with a brilliant idea to buy his freedom. The suspect offered the officer Douglas Bailey $10,000 in exchange for that the police forgot about the incident.

It is reported that Bailey noticed schedel around midnight, when he suspiciously smoothly were driving in a black Acura sedan 2016 release. Schedel blocked the footpath at the traffic lights, and then rushed to the intersection, clearly exceeding the speed.

A Florida man offered police $10,000, trying to avoid arrest

Bailey stopped schedel on Green Street near N Howard Avenue. When communicating with the suspect he noticed that schedel is clearly drunk: he clumsily tried to find my driver’s license, swaying when standing, and generally antagonistic. In the report, Bailey wrote that schedel has not passed the test for alcohol content in the body, and then refused the exercise on the definition of sobriety.

During a search of the car of the detainee was found a small glass vessel, which was about 2 grams of marijuanaand multicolored pipe for Smoking marijuana with the remnants of the burning brown liquid on the walls, which contained chemical elements constituent of cannabis.

Then Schedel was charged with five misdemeanours, as well as for a felony of the third degree for alleged possession of marijuana.

But the arrested did not want to jail. Sitting in the back seat of the patrol car, schedel begged him to let go. When Bailey refused, the man tried to bribe him, offering $ 10,000 in exchange for his release.

However, Bailey refused the bribe. Generous offer only worsened the situation schedel: now to the list of charges added a felony of the second degree — bribe public servant in the performance.

Schedel, who lives in Oldsmar and works as a financial planner, was released on Thursday after paying bail in the amount of $ 12,000.