Russian «masseuse» accused of plunder, has denied any wrongdoing.

Russian «masseuse» accused of plunder, has denied any wrongdoing.

Russian immigrant was arrested in March due to the fact that the woman allegedly robbed two menwith whom she met on Dating sites. Last Tuesday, she refused a deal with prosecutors and again declared his innocence at the hearing in the Supreme court of Brooklyn.

Prosecutors offered Victoria nazarovoj, which, among other things, accused of murder in Russia, to hold from three to nine years in prison in exchange for recognition in the case of larceny the third degree.

Russian «masseuse» accused of plunder, has denied any wrongdoing.

This offer was quite generous, given that the 41-year-old Nasirova faces a prison term two times greater than if the court finds her guilty on all 29 counts.

Nasyrov pleads not guilty in that she was drugged, and then robbed two men, whom she found on Dating sites. She was also accused of robbing a pawnshop.

The defendant denies that she stole and pawned two rings, a necklace and a clip for banknotes totaling more than $ 50,000, under the name of Rachel Bergman. Also in the case file says that the second man, who suffered at the hands of the cunning seductress, lost Rolex watches and other valuable things.
A woman was arrested after the officer of the police Department of new York retired used posts women on the page in Facebook to track her.

Russian authorities have accused nasyrovu in the murder of 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko in November 2014. They issued an international request for the arrest after he discovered she had left the country.

The next hearing in the matter of nazarovoi scheduled for September 9.