The guy who ate the face they murdered the pair, will not be sentenced to death

The guy who ate the face they murdered the pair, will not be sentenced to death

The prosecution will demand punishment for the 20-year-old Austin Harruff, who is accused of two first degree murder, attempted murder and burglary.

About this USA Today announced Jeff Hendricks, assistant attorney.

«After careful review it was decided not to require to Harruff the death penalty,» said Hendricks.
Austin Harruff, 20-year-old resident of Jupiter, Florida, is accused of killing 59-year-old John Stephens and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon in the garage of their home in Martin County August 15, 2016. Besides, the guy stabbed their neighbor, Jeffrey Fisher.

When the police arrived, Austin was sitting in the driveway to the house and…chewed the face of Stevens.

«I ate people,» he said to the militiamen.

It is unknown whether the lawyers asking for the recognition of the defendant insane, but lawyer Harruff, Nellie king said that the mental health of the boy deteriorated.

«Austin happen auditory and visual hallucinations, he developed paranoia and delusions of persecution. Talking about it and relatives, and numerous friends who saw and spoke with Austin prior to the murder,» said king.

If lawyers choose such a line of protection they must provide the court with a list of psychiatristswho can attest to the insanity of Austin.

While the trial hasn’t started, Harruff remains at the hospital jail Martin County. He gave an interview to TV host Phillip McGraw, in which he said that does not deserve the death penalty.

Harruff added that always tried to live by the rules and be a good person. «I didn’t plan the murder. Probably something serious. I didn’t want that to happen,» he said.

No death penalty for Austin Harrouff

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