7 unexpected places in new York

7 unexpected places in new York

Of course, the U.S. is a kaleidoscope of attractions. And the first thing most are eager to visit new York to feel the spirit of the country in its very heart. But if in the most iconic places in the city you are already lucky enough to visit, there are still many interesting corners, which will be a surprise to you.

I want to share the «secret» coordinates.

7. Cafe Wha?
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If you like evenings with cool music, go to Greenwich village, where there is one unusual and a favorite of many club Cafe Wha?. This school opened in 1960. Surprisingly, on his little stage like to make big stars. Here at the time, delighted the audience with Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, woody Allen, etc. And yet every day there is a group, called the «Best bomb group in the city.» They’re often joined by rock stars, cinema, theater and comedians. Tickets are $10-40. And it’s possible that you’ll have the chance for this amount to sit next to Robert De Niro.

6. Road-the High Line Park
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This walk will take you to a height of 10 meters above ground level. Road-the Park was created on a former railway line, following the closure of which it was decided to follow the example of Paris. The opening of the first section of the 10th Avenue between street Gansworth to 20th street took place in 2009. Then the Avenue was extended up to 30th street and then continue along the 12th Avenue and along 34th street to 11th Avenue. Now the length of the High Line is 2,33 km away there is unusual benches, cherry trees and a great observation deck.


5. Museum of slums
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Once in the Lower East Side came thousands of immigrants found shelter in a shantytown. In 1988 one of the tenement buildings on orchard street became a Museum. Built in 1863, the 5-storey building of red brick with fire escapes took over seventy years under the roof about 7 thousand people from 20 countries. The family lived in rooms without bathrooms with toilets on the floor. Within a century, we have gas, electricity, but the house itself has not changed. Visitors can see the six recreated the apartments of the lives of immigrants in new York and during heavy 1873, and during the great depression of 1929. You can also see a lot of household items and the book «an Edible history of 5 immigrant families» with recipes from different countries.

4. Shop zaybar’S
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In this store you can buy food premium. Zaybar’s for many years owned by the same family, it is a great area on the Upper West Side. By the way, according to tradition then settle intellectuals who love this store. They are easy to understand, as a small Department store filled with the best products from around the world. However, despite the exclusivity of the product, there is no room for snobbery: buyers fun exchanging jokes and opinions about products. In short, new York life here abounds.

3. The cloisters, filial the Metropolitan Museum of art
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In Washington heights (Northern Manhattan) is a branch of the famous Museum. The building and Park in the medieval style were created by means of John. Rockefeller, who also shared the rare exhibits of the personal collection. While Rockefeller, wishing to preserve a view of the Museum, bought the 290 Hectares of land in the Hudson river. Cloisters recreated in the gallery of the French monasteries of XII—XV, presents 5,000 works of Romanesque and Gothic era paintings, sculptures, stained glass Windows. Among the most valuable cycle of tapestries «the Hunt of the unicorn» and «merode Altarpiece».

2. Rooftop bar «The IDES»

A romantic evening and a pleasant leisure in the daytime waiting for you at the bar TheIDES, which is located on the roof of the hotel WytheHotel in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). They say it offers the best view of the Manhattan skyline. In addition to the impressive panoramas, is an added bonus — open and covered area, so that if necessary you could shelter from wind or rain. Sitting at a cozy table, you can enjoy coffee, drinks and delicious food, chat, admire the sunsets and the starry sky over the East river.

1. Workshop key Greenvich Locksmiths
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New York locksmith Phil Martinello makes the keys for half a century. Tens of thousands of keys he produced over the years, and in his workshop. The keys are everywhere and offer the furniture and even the facade is decorated with them. This workshop is more like a rare Museum, and all thanks to Phil. Incidentally, he does not want to sell your house in Manhattan, which is offered for $1 million. The master wants the business of life to leave to my children. Mortirolo — a real virtuoso: do the keys for «Mercedes» in 1974, and sophisticated picture of the keys. His masterpieces can be seen in the pavilion on the corner of Commerce street and Seventh Avenue.