A new attraction at the «Guardians of the galaxy»: a hell on Earth

A new attraction at the «Guardians of the galaxy»: a hell on Earth

Saturday in the Park Disney’s California Adventure after a long renovation opened a themed attraction at the second part of superhero epic «Guardians of the galaxy». This is truly a momentous event, but not so much because the slide is insanely good (and it is good, it is a fact), but because it is almost impossible to get.

@Disneyland how many RTs to get front of line for guardians of the galaxy ride? pic.twitter.com/DMLZPl9BF4

— ? (@Weakassmaxi) May 27, 2017

What happened this weekend at Disneyland can be described as a perfectly played hell on Earth. No, there wasn’t a boiler, devils with pitchforks and other horrors that usually like to frighten naughty children. Was only turn. Huge, incredible place, where people stood for five hours. And it’s pass, which allows you to bypass the queue (read queue for those without a queue; it turns out, is not only in Russia happens). All other visitors to the Park, which was the usual pass, waiting for the opportunity to ride the new attraction for all seven hours. Seven hours.

Line for new Guardians of the Galaxy ride running down Buena Vista. Standby wait time now at about 7 hours. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy pic.twitter.com/d3lxwL44kw

— tyler martinez (@t_bruskie11) May 27, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy #MissionBreakout is currently 240 minutes with the line going all the way to the gate of the park #DCA pic.twitter.com/BuyXRRLS5I

— Matthew Rodriguez (@MattDotDisney) May 27, 2017

However, those who still waited for his hour of triumph, came out completely satisfied. And the visitors were delighted bleak after 7 hours of standing in the queue, the attraction must be truly incredible.