Hulk Hogan called the victims of hurricane Irma «crybaby»

Hulk Hogan called the victims of hurricane Irma «crybaby»

On Thursday the former champion of wrestling Hulk Hogan, has posted some pretty brutal tweets about the victims of hurricane Irma, after he waited for the storm at his residence in Clearwater, Florida.

He called the people cut off from electricity and water, «crybaby», who do not understand how lucky they are, because the situation could be much worse.

Hulk Hogan called the victims of hurricane Irma «crybaby»Hulk Hogan called the victims of hurricane Irma «crybaby»

«No water, no light, crybabies, all around complaining. These people have no idea how much worse things could turn around. Pray for those whom the hurricane battered the stronger, who are left without homes and work, who have lost everything, perhaps even life.»

It is obvious that such tweets did not help the already tarnished reputation of the former wrestler. On the contrary, they caused much indignation in social networks, and a few of dissent replied to his post angry remarks.

The nerve….the 8 ppl that died in a south florida nursing home they were cry babies. It’s not fair to down play other ppl fears or griefs.

— JULIET BROWN (@JULIETSurg) September 15, 2017

Many cited the example of eight seniors from one of the nursing homes in South Florida that died due to the fact that the building lost electricity, and refused the air conditioning system during hurricane Irma.

Others wrote that electricity, in particular, is vital to many people who keep medication in refrigerator or depend on medical equipment powered by.

And what are you doing to help? Besides sitting in your living room tweeting about those of us without power, out helping our neighbors…

— mark patterson (@soapythecat) September 15, 2017

One critic even asked that Hogan made himself, to help victims of Irma, in addition, as tweeted from the living room in his house-fortress.

Even among the fans of Hogan, there were those who questioned the correctness of his statements.

I think I know what you meant, but poor choice of words…brother.

— redroc-727 (@redrock727) September 15, 2017

Most likely, Hogan wanted to say that we should not complain about the absence of Wi-Fi or access to cable TV, which, if to understand, too-and necessary for life.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, did not immediately respond to the comments. In addition, the controversial tweets had disappeared from his account. But today, there appeared a tweet that he spent the day helping to restore power in Orlando.

After spending the day with the defensive linemen restoring power in Orlando, I realize how blessed I am to only still be without power or water. HH

— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) September 16, 2017

Meanwhile, hurricane Irma badly battered Islands in the Caribbean, Florida and the Southeast United States. The damage caused by the storm is estimated at several billion dollars. The storm killed 69 people, including 32 resident of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Nearly 2 million Florida homes remain without electricity, including about 188 000 in the area of Tampa, not far from the place where he lives, Hogan.