Legendary return: «the Trip to America-2» to be!

Legendary return: «the Trip to America-2» to be!

Perhaps one of the most memorable roles of comedian Eddie Murphy can be called the Prince Akim, who moved from his posh African Palace into a rented room in Queens, and all in order to find a bride.

We are talking about an adventure, a Comedy by John Landis’ «coming to America» (Coming to America), which was released in us theaters in 1988. Despite the fact that the picture never got to the cinema of the Soviet Union, she fell in love with the residents of the former Soviet Union, where it was distributed on VHS with a monophonic voice.

Legendary return: «the Trip to America-2» to be!

The tape was a success not only in the United States, where her fees amounted to $128 million (and this with a budget of $39 million), but also in Europe, South America, Australia and Turkey, collecting $288,8 million in total overseas box office.

«Coming to America» could even win the Oscar in two categories, but in 1989, a gold statuette for «Best makeup» handed «Beetlejuice» by Tim Burton, and for «Best costumes» – «Dangerous liaison» of Stephen Frears.

And now, good news: the Creator of the sitcom «Black Comedy» (Black-ish) Kenya Burris took the script continue «Trip…», and Jonathan Levin («Life is beautiful» (50/50), «How to succeed in America» (How to Make It in America)) sits in the Director’s chair.

According to the online publication the Hollywood Reporter, involved in the project and Eddie Murphy, but it is not known as an actor whether. In the first part he was not only playing, but also acted as one of the writers.

However, hope still glimmers: since bosses are Paramount decided to play on the nostalgic feelings of the audience and a sequel after almost 30 years, why would they not make the return of the legendary paintings, inviting to Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Higli and James Earl Jones?