Traveling the USA | The «interamnia» places

Traveling the USA | The «interamnia» places

As they say, if in your profile in Instagram no photos from vacation, that means you were not on vacation. This network was created to ensure that people could share the brightest moments of his life, including, of course, includes travel. But what places in the U.S. Americans often publish on Instagram?

The most popular attraction of America is Disneyland in California. According to travel portal TravelBird, 14.6 million hashtags make it the most popular location in the vast Instagram. Behind the Golden state follows Florida, where there are popular tourist destinations, occupying 2nd and 3rd places — Walt Disney World and South Beach.

Traveling the USA | The «interamnia» placessource: statista

Honorable 4th place is the capital of entertainment and gambling, the glorious city of Las Vegasemerging from the recent tragedy there. And then, finally, on 5th place we see the proud new York and its famous Times Square, «crossroads of the world», which daily pass through more than 300 thousand pedestrians and 115 thousand drivers and passengers.

However, the objectivity of this rating can cause issues, because Instagram is mainly used by young people aged 18-29 (55% of users), so it is fair to consider it an indicator of the tastes of Millennials – the generation of the two thousandth.

Anyway, in recent years, Instagram rules the world and everything that happens there is at least a little bit of precious attention of the public. Therefore, we present to you the top ten ranking of the most popular attractions in the U.S. according to users of this social network.

  • Disneyland, California -14,615,952 hashtags.

  • Walt Disney World, Florida — 5 465 098 hashtags.

  • South Beach, FL — 4,689,396 hashtags.

  • Las Vegas, NV — 3,653,548 hashtags.

  • Times Square, new York- 2,560,272 hashtags.

  • Mardi Gras, Louisiana — 2,202,256 hashtags.

  • Grand Canyon, Arizona — 1,989,316 hashtags.

  • Waikiki, Hawaii — 1,939,768 hashtags.

  • Yosemite national Park, California — 1,733,680 hashtags.

  • Myrtle beach, SC — 1,602,759 hashtags.