The most expensive painting in the world sold at auction in new York

The most expensive painting in the world sold at auction in new York

On Wednesday at Christie’s in new York sold the most expensive painting in the world — the Savior of the World (Salvator Mundi) painted by Leonardo da Vinci. An anonymous buyer paid for a masterpiece Italian artist record amount of $450 million, then the picture became the most expensive in the history of the work of art ever sold at auction or privately.

Her most expensive was the work of Pablo Picasso Women of Algiers (version O). In 2015 the organizers Christie’s managed to gain for her of $179 million.

«The Savior of the world» is one of the 20 famous works of Leonardo da Vinci. Only today it is in private hands.

The picture size 64.5 cm, 44,7 cm, depicts Christ in a blue robe. In one hand he holds the Orb, and the other blesses.

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Salvator Mundi achieves $450,312,500, a #worldauctionrecord for any work of art sold at auction.

— Christie’s (@ChristiesInc) November 16, 2017

«The Savior of the world» has a rather controversial history. I believe that da Vinci painted a picture about 1499 by order of king of France Louis XII. After 126 years after the marriage of Charles I to the French Princess Henrietta Maria, she came to England.

Until 1666 the canvas was in the Royal collection, and in 1763 his name disappeared. Since then, the artwork was considered lost until found new York a private collection in a distorted form. The painting features the «Savior» look pretty feminine, so in the era of the Counter-reformation to his face paint mustache and beard.

In 1900 in this state, the work has become one of the richest men of England, baronet Frederick cook. After the owner’s death his heirs made off a modified picture of just 45 pounds, as to determine its authenticity was extremely difficult.

In 2004, the first specialist in old masters Robert Simon and a group of art dealers. They sent it for restoration, then «Savior» was examined in several museums of Europe and the USA, and in the end, the author of da Vinci recognized in London after consultations with the competent experts.

The name of the person who bought the painting of the 15th of November has not been disclosed.