Ethereal light installation shines in Madison Square Park

Ethereal light installation shines in Madison Square Park

Even little children know that in winter the day is shorter the night. While ordinary people simply live with the understanding of this vital truth, artists use it to create amazing works. It was such a fascinating project is a new installation, which opened recently in Madison Square Park, which transforms perfectly ordinary lawn into a meadow of glowing balls.

The installation was called Whiteout, «whiteout». The project’s Creator, artist Erwin Redl, known for his work with light and various lamps used 900 white spheres, each of which is a small white led lights to create a magical effect of floating lights. Last week, the spheres were hung on special metal frames and due to the fact that at this time of year it gets dark very early, glowing orbs, twinkling in a different order, creating an amazing sight.

The artist says that his installation was designed to blur the boundaries of reality. Fizicheski swinging balls combined with abstract animation of flickering allow the public to explore new augmented environment directly in one of the public parks of new York.

Work REDLA can be seen in Madison Square Park until March 25, so if one evening you pass by, be sure to check there to see how the artist managed his Grand plan of blending the real and virtual.