In 2018, cheaper flights international distance

In 2018, cheaper flights international distance

Great news awaiting all those who long dreamed to see other countries. With the new year, international flights will become cheaper.

Reducing the cost of the services of carriers — a natural consequence of competition. A growing number of budget airlines are forcing old players to sacrifice profits in the fight for customers.

In 2018, cheaper flights international distance

If earlier flights from the US to Europe within a hundred dollars was a pipe dream, then this year they became a reality. Confirmation of this event from the Icelandic company Wow Air, during which, in Europe it was possible to fly for $70 and even $55.

Definitely grab a ticket at a tasty price was not easy, but it is temporary.

In the report for the 2017 European online travel Agency eDreams ODIGEO have recorded a 7 percent drop in tariffs for international destinations. In the future this trend will grow, allowing more people to realize the dream of distant travel.

But predictions-predictions, and how about real suggestions?

Today the price policy of some carriers makes to think seriously about the foreign service. So, in the summer the airline Level promises to launch a unilateral flight from new York to Paris at a price of $149, and from San Francisco, Oakland and Boston to Barcelona is $149 — $169.

March 2018 cheap flights to Europe offers a new carrier Joon is a subsidiary of AirFrance. The available options are: flights from Paris to Oslo, Rome and Barcelona for $49.

As the 2018 and these proposals will be even more.

If you fly instead you can explore another continent with a few hundred dollars (excluding the cost of food, housing and entertainment).

Of course, saving requires sacrifice. Cheap tickets does not include any checked baggage and food.