Travel around the US: cities with the best festive lights

Travel around the US: cities with the best festive lights

Judging by the numerous movies, commercials and even new stickers to Instagram, a beloved Christmas tradition for Americans is the decoration of all things colorful lights of all shapes and sizes. This is understandable, because shimmering in the dim lights in the trees look truly magical.

Craving for electric Christmas decorations was born in 1882 when Edward H. Johnson, a friend and business partner of Thomas Edison, hung on a Christmas tree garland collected manually from the 80 red, white and blue electric bulbs. However, due to the fact that the majority of Americans had no access to electricity till the 1930-ies, it took about 50 years to a gala invention Johnson became really popular.

Since then, it took a lot of time, and like almost any innovation, festive garlands have evolved and transformed into something more. What is one beauty at Rockefeller Center, which, however, is not the only Christmas decoration in the United States, is worthy of attention. We have prepared for you a small list of cities where you can find the brightest, shining and festive lights throughout the country.

Branson, Missouri

The city of Branson is known for, among other things, your theme Park Silver Dollar City dedicated to the culture of the mountains of Ozark. In the last 20 years, this place became home to the festival An Old Time Christmas, which are lit more than 5 million lights, a part of which turns ordinary 1,000 trees in a festive and solemn. It also hosts night parades, musical performances, twinkling lights on luxurious eating synchronized with Christmas music.

Washington, D.C.

In the holiday season at the zoo’s National Zoo Smithsonian’appear amazing glittering statues, depicting animals that prefer the darkness. To create a themed winter Wonderland it is necessary neither more nor less than 500,000 LEDs. In addition, zoo visitors can take a ride on the Speedwell Conservation carousel, which is powered by solar panels. Its distinctive feature are the carved figures are 58 species of animals, including clouded leopard and the bear-the sloth.

Las Vegas, Nevada

In the Nevada desert lies the world capital of entertainment where you know a lot about lights. For example, Motor Speedway 2.5 mile gives visitors the opportunity to see more than 400 animated decorations. It is expected that in the upcoming holiday season, about 30,000 cars will go on the road to admire the beauty.

Denver, Co

For those who want to see Christmas lights in the entourage of the Rocky mountains, Denver Botanic gardens has prepared an exhibition of spectacular Blossoms of Light. Walking along the trail through 24 acres of gardens, you will get a unique opportunity to enjoy the thousands of colorful lights accentuate the beauty of winter pines, poplars and other native plants.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This Christmas attraction in Philadelphia is the Macy’s in Center City, because there are the most beautiful in the city holiday lights. The main decoration of the store is Christmas tree studded with colored diodes. Moreover, the attention attracted the velvet curtain long in 4 floor, glowing images which tell stories of reindeer, toy soldiers and ballerinas.

North pole, Alaska

The home of Santa Claus, without a doubt, is the Christmas in USA. Residents of a suburb of the city of Fairbanks got into the Christmas spirit, and now, 6 decades, there is a festival Christmas on Ice, where Christmas lights are combined with a complex carved ice sculptures. This is a great place to enjoy winter joys, including chuting and participation in outdoor activities.