How unusual it is to spend time in new York

How unusual it is to spend time in new York

About new York to make films, sing songs, and write exciting stories. But where to go, being in a bustling metropolis for the first time? How to find those magic places where incredible stories are born? It’s certainly not on the classic tourist program. We will talk about the truly interesting places in new York.

Crazy musical show on Broadway.

This is one of those «must do in my life.» At least once. If you will be able to stop. So the first source of our bright impressions in the vast new York – a campaign for the musical. «Lion King» or «The Phantom of The Opera» is a classic, to guarantee delight. Want to laugh – a whole bunch of talented comedians in the views of «The Book of Mormon» and «It’s Only A Play». Girl squad go to «Wicked», «Aladdin», «Jersey Boys» or «Matilda».

If you want something more modernized, for you are satisfied

Stand Up comedy show at Comedy Cellar

Bold speakers, dangerous and caustic jokes, talented improvisation – all this on the stage of the Comedy Cellar. But in order to catch every subtle moment of humor, it is important deep knowledge of the language.

To get to the abode of laughter and sarcasm can advance reservation of tickets, otherwise not overcrowded. In a tiny basement hang out the Gods of genre, so that an atmosphere of fun and madness here already soaked every inch of space. Here, by the way, and eat there where The Olive Tree Cafe is a place where after the performance the artists come to overturn a glass of wine.

Basketball game

Sosnicki and athletes – you direct road to the basketball game.

After all, new York is an ideal city for the vision of this sport! States is, in principle, the birthplace of basketball. The championship of the National Basketball Association (NBA) event, which is expecting more than my own birthday. Every self-respecting new York should have at least some respect in the basketball League (varieties of them there are countless): professional, semi-professional, student, regional, seasonal, or any other. But watch all the action from the TV screen – not our option. Madison Square Garden – see you here! The famous new York stadium, the home arena New York Knicks (NBA), the place where the match come to cheer. Overall, a great way to spend time in Noah York.

To be an actor!

Without the talents and schools to become part of the show! Okay, you won’t have replicas, roles, and personal make-up artist. But immersive performance gives you the opportunity to be in the midst of events. New York is an iconic place in the history of this phenomenon. It is here that were born important performances that gave an immersive theatre fame and public recognition.

Show 2003 Sleep No More is origins. The parents of this performance – the British theater group Punchdrunk. And there, unwittingly, wrote William Shakespeare (play «Macbeth»). The location for the activity is more than 9, 000 square meters 5-storey hotel McKittrick. At the entrance you will be given a white Venetian mask, which in any case should not be removed until the end of the show. Then you can freely move around 90 rooms, where will meet periodically dancers, psychiatric ward or the cemetery.

Alice in Wonderland

For fans of «Alice in Wonderland» by Lewis show «Then She Fell» in an abandoned hospital in Williamsburg. There will be more interactions with guests, intimate atmosphere where your every move is carefully thought out. So at the entrance you are met by a nurse, serves intoxicating medicine. Guests will be just 15, and during performances they will have to cooperate in small groups of 2-3 people. Sometimes you will need to execute the instructions of the actors and to take part in the play.

Simple-the difficult trip to the cinema.

That unusual? Will be in Williamsburg – in the place of power – and answer this question for yourself. Hang out here an exceptionally beautiful, stylish, young and creative new Yorkers. The air blows intelligentsia, charm and hipster identity. Are passing through all this beauty, surely heading to the Nitehawk Cinema. This place allot an entire evening watching a movie and to dinner and enjoy a cocktail. But if dropped into new York in the summer – movie will show you under the open sky. Important! In the cinema there is a rule with a loose fit. So, who was the first, and the best «observation deck».

Modest magic

In addition to the Grand events of new York is full of modest magic. What is reflexive quiet morning with a Cup of fragrant drink in the coffee shop, Joe’s. Or dreamy contemplation of the flow of life in a local Park, watching the sunset at the Highline Park…

Evening picnic on the grass overlooking Manhattan in the heart Dumbo.

Or a morning jog in Central Park or Brooklyn

Harmony and balance

Call on your inner self, to restore harmony and balance, shaken from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, it is possible for a yoga-flow. For experimenters in new York are the direction of hip-hop yoga and yoga candle in the dark.

The main rule of behavior in new York – openness. To bright sensations, great opportunities, chance to get lost among the countless lights… the new York miracle lurks at every inch of the city. It is important to notice it.