Top 10 Chicago attractions

Top 10 Chicago attractions

Not in the Midwest USA more city than Chicago! And here is the Great lake Michigan. What else we need to know about Chicago? Save a list of must-see and collect the suitcases.

Buckingham Fountain

This landmark is located in Grant Park. Buckingham fountain was designed by architect Edward Bennett, formerly known Latona Fountain in Versailles. The object stands out for its dimensions and height comparable to a 15-storey building. It is believed that four statues of the fountain represent the four States surrounding lake Michigan, and the fountain pool symbolizes the lake itself.

The fountain appeared in the city thanks to Kate Sturges Buckingham, patron of the arts. She was lucky to inherit a huge fortune of his family at the age of 32 years. Here Kate and I decided to make a gift to Chicago. In 1927, she bequeathed the Buckingham fountain as a monument to his brother, and established a trust Fund to ensure its continuous operation.

Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is home to more than 1 500 species of marine inhabitants. Among them 32, 500 fishes, and many birds, insects and amphibians.

Completed in 1930, Shedd annually receives over two million visitors that gives him the title of one of the most visited aquariums in the United States.

Exhibitions devoted to specific subjects. For example, the «Caribbean reef», which was award-winning «Amazon Rising». And the most popular exhibit in the vastness of the Shedd Aquarium is the Oceanarium, where dolphins and whales.

Field Museum of Natural History

Field Museum of natural history owes its existence to the world fair held in Chicago in 1893. Originally developed for demonstration of exhibits from there, the Museum quickly turned into a collection of natural historical artifacts.

Was relocated here in 1921 and since then is part of the Museum. Here are collected and the collection of stuffed animals large animals (e.g. African elephants), and a huge collection of native American artifacts.

The most popular exhibits is the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus, with a length of 12 meters, and the dinosaur sue.

Chicago Water Tower

Chicago Water Tower has played an important role in the water system of the city. This building is 47 meters high, designed by architect William Boyington.

In 1871, a fire started in the barn of Patrick and Catherine O’leary quickly spread and almost completely destroyed the entire business district of the city. Since then, the Chicago water tower is the symbol of stability in the city. Rightly deserved such a title as one of the few surviving buildings after the infamous Great Chicago Fire.

John Hancock Center

The fourth largest building in Chicago John Hancock Center. 344 meters in height, the John Hancock Center, located on the shore of lake Michigan gives us a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city.

The construction of the building was completed in 1968. And put in a 100-storey building with many interactive points. For example, the world’s highest indoor pool and ice skating rink are in the vastness of the John Hancock Center. Also, you can arrange a 40-second Elevator ride to the Observatory on the 94th floor – kind journey into space. But on the 96th floor lounge: enjoy the view while sipping a cocktail.

Chicago River

Nothing will tell you about the true nature of Chicago better than the Chicago River, passing through the city. In 1900 the city completed an incredible engineering project: reversing the flow of the main waterways of Chicago. By installing a serial communications channel on the gateway, the water was directed into the wilderness of the Mississippi and not lake Michigan.

Today the river is downtown, and offers visitors a lush green space where they can stroll and enjoy the sights of Chicago. Also available for river cruises, where you will share historical information about the important sites of the city.

Sears Tower

Some argue that the skyscraper, renamed Willis Tower in 2009, lost some of his swagger was deprived of the status of the tallest building in the world. But, despite this, the Sears tower remains one of the most popular tourist spots in Chicago.

Work on the Sears Tower was completed in 1973. This 108-story building boasts some of the fastest elevators in the world. 70 seconds to reach the 103rd floor. Destination – stunning views of lake Michigan and part of Wisconsin.

Millennium Park

Long before its opening, Millennium Park had become notorious for delays and cost overruns – it is a long time delayed the date of its presentation. But when it finally happened, shocked the visitors she forgave him everything.

Here not only lots of greenery and very spacious, the Park has stunning contemporary sculpture of steel and glass (the world-famous The Bean, aka Cloud Gate), and Pritzker Pavlion from Frank Gehry to open-air concerts. An ice skating rink for lovers of active sports, the outdoor restaurant in the summer for both targets use the same space.

Navy Pier

Navy pier is not only a major attraction but the gardens, restaurants and attractions. 1000-foot pier overlooking lake Michigan, equipped with a Ferris wheel, carousel and IMAX theatre. It is truly the perfect place for a family holiday.

Magnificent Mile

Part of Michigan Avenue, extending from Oak Street to the Chicago River, is considered one of the best shopping districts in the world. The street received its name in the 1940-ies of the magnate Arthur Rublova.

«Mag Mile» as it is sometimes called, leads to a lot of other Chicago attractions. For example, the Museum of contemporary art, Wrigley building and Chicago water tower.