Inverted alcoholic cocktails are a new trend in new York

Inverted alcoholic cocktails are a new trend in new York

Not too many drinks can compare with the excellent «Manhattan» or a Martini. However, they have one significant drawback – alcohol.

Of course, people go to bars precisely in order to overturn a glass-another something more fun than orange juice. But we must admit that some of the classic cocktails so strong that circling his head is not worse than the good old whiskey and similar drinks.

To slow down the pace in the midst of yesterday, the bartenders came up with a way to kill two birds with one stone: they play with the amount of alcohol in the cocktail, keeping the ingredients, but the «flipping formula«: for example, mixing two parts sweet vermouth with one part rye whiskey, and not Vice versa. So is the inverted «Manhattan», which is not as strong as the original, but so delicious (to verify, go to the bar the Nite Cap serving this cocktail).

The people of new York never complained about the lack of good bars with fancy cocktails, and now we’ve found that well-known and many beloved classics can be viewed from a new angle. If you already can’t wait to taste the first alcoholic trend in 2018, head to one of the institutions, from our list, or even several of them, because inverted cocktails you can drink a little more than their conventional counterparts.

Upside Down Dirty Gibson in Dante

Cocktail basis: Gibson

Standard Gibson, as a rule, to a greater extent on gin than vermouth. As part of the same inverted version we find two ounces of vermouth (Dolin Blanc and Dolin Dry), one ounce of gin and a spoonful of the brine from the pickled onion.

Isoler in Westville

Cocktail basis: Boulevardier

To cook the original Boulevardier, you need to mix equal parts Campari, Bourbon and sweet vermouth, and then add some more Bourbon. Bartenders in Westville increase the amount of Campari that it is four times more than the Bourbon and vermouth, and voila, an inverted cocktail ready.

We Meet Again,
Mr. Bond
Sweet Afton

The cocktail base: Vesper martini

In the novel, James bond orders a cocktail of three parts gin, one part vodka and a touch of Lille. Bar Astoria main players are vodka and Lillet, while the gin adds just one part.

in Pool Lounge

The cocktail base: any cocktail with absinthe

After this drink you can really start to see green fairies. Its alcoholic basis is absent, which complements the cucumber juice.

A Taste of Elder-Years in Eden Local

Cocktail-shell: Sidecar

To prepare this cocktail, the bartender changes the proportions of liqueur Grand Mariner and cognac, so in the end we get two parts of two-part liquor and one part cognac in a glass.