Picture for $110 million can be seen at the Brooklyn Museum

Picture for $110 million can be seen at the Brooklyn Museum

Contemporary art and multi-faceted — and not always recognizable. But some have already managed to make a name for yourself and to get a price tag with six zeros. One of these is a painting by the Brooklyn artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, which recently bought the Japanese collector for 110,5 million dollars. After a short stay in the land of the rising sun painting returns home, where it will be exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum from January 26.

Unnamed skull — the most expensive piece of art ever sold in the United States — will be the Central exhibit of the exhibition «Basquiat One». This exhibition aims to inspire young people to creative achievements following the example of their famous countryman.

Basquiat was born in Brooklyn and lived in Park Slope. The ability of the arts manifested itself in the boy at an early age, and the mother encouraged these aspirations. Basquiat became famous first as a graffiti artist and then as neoexpressionist. Participation in The Times Square Show, group exhibition, opened to him the road to recognition.

Fatal for Basquiat became addicted to heroin, which appeared in the years of his life among the street artists of new York. It led to his death from poisoning by drugs in 1988.

The press release says that after the exhibition in Brooklyn untitled film will go on a world tour. It will be completed at the Museum, which Maezawa, the collector builds in Chiba (Japan).

The picture can be seen in the gallery of Robert Blum from January 26 to March 11.