Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to see

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Hiking in the mountains is guaranteed a new look on life. It’s a fresh breath of hope and inspiration. This is a reassessment of values and focus on what’s important. This is a benefit to all aspects of health and character-building. Today think about the most important, beautiful and famous mountain peaks of the United States. And who knows how many of them you one day decide to conquer.

Sierra Nevada

«Snow covered mountains» (in Spanish) pass through almost the entire Eastern part of California. Sierra Nevada is a mountain system that occupies 750 km of coastline. River flowing down here, one day, become part of the Pacific ocean. One of the most popular local bodies of water – lake Tahoe. There are canyons with beautiful landscapes (Kern Canyon and Kings Canyon), and a magnificent grove of Sequoia denron with the most massive trees in the world. The Eastern slope is dotted with pine, juniper forests, and Alpine meadows.

Yosemite national Park is here, too! But the main local Queen – mount Whitney. It is the highest point of the ridge of the Sierra Nevada, its the height of 4421 m above sea level.

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to seeDenali

This double-headed mountain is settled in the South Central part of Alaska. She proudly wears the title of the highest mountain in North America. The location of the Denali – the eponymous national Park.

Until 2015 the mountain called as mount McKinley, in honor of the 25th President of the United States. And today’s title from the language of the Indians of Athabasca translates as «great». That is not just the height of Denali is 6190 meters.

Before us is a huge granite block, which began to protrude from the surface of the earth 60 million years ago. The reason is tectonic activity. Denali peak is always covered with snowflakes is a source of food for the local glaciers.

How about climbing on such a monster? In 1906 appeared the person, who said that the mountain they conquered. But after a few years surfaced about data falsification of materials – photos were fake. The years went by, and Denali has found its true heroes. For example, on 7 June 1913 Hadano the Stack managed to get to the top. And in 1932 appeared the first dead – it was two brave men. Today a number of climbers already exceeds one hundred. Only 58% reach the end.

The fastest ascent on Denali is 11 hours and 40 minutes. This record in 2014, was established by the Catalonian Kilian Borgata.

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to seeForaker

Mount Foraker is part of Alaska range and is located on the territory of the already mentioned us to Denali national Park. First mountain, 5304 height of meters above sea level, was subdued in 1934 climbers.

Previously, many did not distinguish mountain Foraker and Denali. But the Indians who came later, clearly understand who is who. They called the Sultan of the mountains (translated as «Woman») and Molale («Denali’s Wife»).


In North Carolina the famous peak is mount Mitchell – the highest point of the Appalachian mountains. With sea mountain divide 2037 meters. And it was named in honor of Professor Elisi Mitchell. For many years he explored the area and died here, fell into the waterfall. Buried Mitchell who is also on the local mountain expanses.

Of the vegetation here popular red spruce and the Fraser fir is a beautiful sight to watch firsthand. The more favourable climate: summer temperatures are mild, the winters are moderately cold.

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to seeSt Helens

In our list there is a place and stratovolcano. To the same effect. So climb on St. Helens we are not agitating, just pay attention to the special creation of nature. 85 km from Seattle in the vastness of Washington is a dangerous miracle. During the eruption in 1980, it killed 57 people. Yes, and the volcano in the process decreased by 400 meters.

The phenomenon of terrible beauty was able to capture the photographer Robert Landsberg. Photo is preserved, but the author died at the scene. Artists could not ignore the beauty of St Helens. So, despite the danger, in the crater of the volcano was shooting one of the scenes for the movie Dante’s Peak (1997).

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to seeElbert

This mountain climbing which is quite real, located in the state of Colorado. The highest peak Skalistyj mountains can boast the growth of 4399 meters.

Routes to it several. Most climbers choose to start a campaign from the East, from the Colorado trail. But if you are looking for easy ways, the most difficult part is to get the Black Cloud Trail («Trail of the black clouds»). In the latter case, save 10-15 hours of time on the road.

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to seeMount St. Elias

Mount Saint Elias is the property of Canada, and the United States. Because it is located on the border of Alaska and the Yukon Territory. Its height above sea level is 5489 meters, which raises the mountain on the second place among the peaks of Canada.

The first leg came in July of 1897, and the second ascent was only in 1946. The part that is located in America, is a national Park Rangel-St Elias, the largest (53 321 km2) United States national Park, part of UNESCO world heritage «Parks and reserves Clean, Rangel-St Elias, glacier Bay and Tatshenshini-Alsek».

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to seeCadillac

Completing the hit parade such a small but must-visit mountain top, like Cadillac Mountain. Its height is only 470 m above sea level and is a mountain in the vastness of the island of mount desert.

Early Cadillac Mountain was called Green («Green mountain»), and its current name was in honor of the French traveler and Explorer, Governor of New France Antoine Loma de Lamotte de Cadillaca. Here you need to go in clear weather, to be able to enjoy the view on the highest point of man – MT and the coast of Nova Scotia.

Here you can be the first to see the sunrise, if in the autumn or winter, when so want to sleep, yet to sacrifice his comfort, and to rise to the top at the right time. The gift of a virgin beauty of nature, clean waking skies, pine forests, giving clean air.

Top 8 peaks in the United States who need to see