In Astoria pastry shop bakes «the best cookies in the world»

In Astoria pastry shop bakes «the best cookies in the world»

In the restaurants and eateries in new York, you can taste almost anything from traditional burgers to fried grasshoppers and fresh fish. In such variety it’s easy to get lost even for an experienced foodie, not to mention the average inhabitants of the metropolis, which sometimes also want to please yourself with something tasty.

Surely everyone in new York knows that serves the best pizza, best ice cream and best cocktails. But what about cookies? Blog Food Envy, for example, says that «the most delicious cookies in the world» to sell in one of the bakeries in Astoria, which is called Chip NYC.

Judging by the video published on the page in Instagram bakeries, cookies in this bakery is really great. They are more like soft cakes, not the dry biscuits that comes to mind when you hear the word «cookie» (which, by the way, has its own charm).

On the website Chip NYC says that originally the cookie was just a hobby for the owners of the bakery who, experimenting with ingredients and toppings, sought to recreate the taste of his favorite candies from childhood. At first they shared the cakes with friends, but eventually they realized that it’s time to open the business.

«Each of our cookies is baked daily using the best ingredients, which include maximum love and care. We strive to give our customers the opportunity to try the most delicious cookies in their life!»

Chip NYC bakery can be found at 30-06 34th Street in Astoria. Everyone who used to believe in the word, we advise yourself to see how perfect this cookie, because it is better to eat than hear a hundred times.