Google said ludlam the 120th anniversary of the Eisenstein

Google said ludlam the 120th anniversary of the Eisenstein

Did you know that today on the main resource page Google has a new Doodle dedicated to the brilliant Soviet Director? This simple and traditional way, the company decided to honor the memory of Sergei Eisenstein in his 120th birthday.

The author of the animated logo was the artist Pedro Vergani, who portrayed the young Sergei Eisenstein, considering footage in black-and-white film.

To list all the titles of the Eisenstein can be quite long. This man could compare with a universal genius: he was a talented theater and film Director, artist, writer, art theorist, teacher, winner of two Stalin prizes. His films are repeatedly recognized as the best paintings of all times and peoples, and the Eisenstein know as the «father of montage«.

Google said ludlam the 120th anniversary of theСС

Sergei Eisenstein was not only known in the Soviet Union, but also abroad. He travelled extensively, visiting over the three years several world capitals, including Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Paris. He was known and valued in Hollywood, and the company Paramount Pictures even made a contract with him on an adaptation of the novel by Theodore Dreiser «an American tragedy» which, however, never saw the light of day, as work on it was suspended at the stage of writing the script. Resource Hollywood Life calls the film a friend of Charlie Chaplin, which, in turn, spoke about the film «Potemkin».

Google said ludlam the 120th anniversary of the Eisenstein

Eisenstein believed that montage is «movie nerves», since with properly chosen sequence of frames you can successfully manipulate the emotions of the audience, achieving the rapid development of events on the screen and creating different metaphors and allusions. It was also considered a revolutionary cinema, because in his works it was common to see the struggle of the disadvantaged workers from the ruling class.

His end, at first glance, very prosaic, Eisenstein met as a true man of art. Died Sergei Eisenstein in 1948 from a heart attack, however, the penultimate heart attack happened to him during the dance in the evening with actress Vera Maretskaya.