In new York city hosted the robot-strippers

In new York city hosted the robot-strippers

Earlier this month, visitors International consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas presented a curious pair of robots that was created in order to perform the unexpected function – to delight the eyes of visitors to the strip bars, seductive writhing on a pole (how is that even possible in the case of the robot).

Today, January 26, charming Robo-twins coming for a visit to new York for a few nights. Friday and Saturday they settle in a strip club Sapphire 39 located in the heart of Manhattan, and see them all willing to pay $ 30 for a truly exotic sight.

E-dancers were created by the British sculptor Giles Walker who claims that his project is not intended to illustrate the level of development of robotics, but I must draw attention to the theme of constant observation of people. Two girls equipped with a mechanized CCTV camera as a head, that actually quite clearly shows the thinking of the artist. In 2008, when the strip-robots was born, in London, everywhere installed cameras. So Walker decided to play with the idea voyeurism as if asking the question who is actually more of a power in such a relationship: the person observing, or the observer.

Since its inception, the robots managed to acquire in my own life. Thanks to the spread of their photos and videos to the Internet, Robo-twins were real stars who very often invited to conferences, festivals and other events for the modest sum of $ 1,343 per day. Although they look like they just stepped off the cover of a sci-Fi movie, specifically these bots may not boast a complex inner world (in all senses). They are made from parts of an ordinary dummies and is equipped with an engine wiper, which help them to move.

This weekend all the curious residents of new York will be the last chance to see the Robo-twins, before they return to London. There are of course many better ways to spend a weekend in the big city, but not as often we are asked to «journey to the future» where gentlemen are not entertained by the real women, and their adorable robotic substitutes.