In the state of new York began construction of the Legoland theme Park

In the state of new York began construction of the Legoland theme Park

In 2020, new York will be a new place for the entertainment of Americans from small to large.

Work has already begun on construction of the theme Park Legoland cost $350 million in town Goshen located about 60 miles from new York. Park on the territory of which will be own hotel, aims to transform the Hudson valley into a landmark tourist center of the state.

In the state of new York began construction of the Legoland theme Park

Legoland New York will be the first major theme Park built in the North-Eastern United States over the years. He will join a very successful network that is composed of existing Legoland parks in southern California and Central Florida, as well as similar locations in Europe, Asia and the middle East. The primary audience will become Legoland families with young children it will be presented, so the Park will be presented with different attractions and shows dedicated to the Lego characters and such lines of the brand, as Friends from Heartlake City.

The visitors of the amusement Park will be able to see the layout of the Lego factory where they will demonstrate how to make blocks. Dragonblight roller coaster waiting for the most daring guests at a time, as the more restrained of the day you can ride a Lego horse ride Royal Joust. At Legoland also opened a special driving school, ship for real pirates and the rescue Academy.

According to nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainment, the parent company of Legoland, the Park in new York is likely to be indoor water park in contrast to water parks under the open sky in Florida and California. In addition, due to the temperate climate of the region is Legoland to work seasonal shut for the winter.

In the parks of Legoland franchise has its own tradition to create a replica of the most famous sights of Lego blocks. For this purpose is usually the Miniland area where surely you can see patterns of times square, the statue of Liberty and other places of worship.


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