Amazon has opened in Seattle the rainforest for their employees

Amazon has opened in Seattle the rainforest for their employees

Today, January 29, Seattle was the discovery of amazing places, office space, reminiscent of a true tropical forest.

The world’s largest online store Amazon expanded its headquarters by building a glass dome inside which there are about 40 thousand plants from all over the world.

Inside Amazon’s giant spheres, where workers chill in a mini rainforest

— Bloomberg (@business) January 26, 2018

The new space is not like a typical office. Leadership nurtures great hope in the fact that the working atmosphere will contribute to a more productive work of employees and the development of new ideas.

«We wanted to create something special, something significant for our headquarters in low-rise for the city of Seattle,» said Vice President of Amazon John Sattler.

For the design and construction of the project took 7 years and $ 4 billion, and in total, new office spaces can work 800.

According to the chief gardener, the most difficult was the transportation of the tree height of 55 feet (17 m) and weighing 16 tons, nicknamed Cut that had to drive from California.

Sphere, designed by the architectural firm NBBJ will be part of tours of the headquarters of the Amazon. Visitors will be able to visit Areas from Tuesday, January 20, and by appointment.

[email protected]’s new ‘Spheres’ buildings in Seattle have a 40,000-plant rainforest inside.

— CNBC (@CNBC) January 29, 2018