In the East Village bakery selling cookies-portraits

In the East Village bakery selling cookies-portraits

If someone ever annoyed you so much that this person wanted to bite off his head (of course, figuratively speaking) now you can do it, just looking at one of the bakeries in the East Village, where they began to sell cookie portraits.

Looks like this year the trend is portraits on food will be as popular as unicorns in the past year. Earlier we wrote about a coffee shop in London, where they began to sell an unusual and extremely photogenic salicina — cappuccino, milk foam which is a special machine prints of their portrait.

In the bakery Cupcake Market can capture the cookies with the face of any person, from stars and public figures to your mate or, conversely, your worst enemy. Each portrait is drawn on the cakes hand-pastry chef-artist. In addition, the cookies that will be an unusual and quite nice, we promise that it will be quite tasty. In the end we get a great idea for a gift for any occasion with minimal time and effort.

But for the price of this sweetness goes not the budget. To order cookie cutter portraits, you need to send three pictures to email bakery [email protected] The catch here is that you can order portraits of a maximum of 2 people and a must a minimum of 10 cookies for $16 each. To pick up the order in 4-7 days at the same bakery.