Fashion week in new York: a brief guide

Fashion week in new York: a brief guide

If the world of the fashion industry you care about, you don’t want to miss NYC Fashion Week that is about to engulf the Big Apple with the abundance of stylish new products, innovation and just incredibly beautiful things. February fashion week in new York kicks off this week, and we already hasten to tell you everything you need to know about the most stylish event of the last winter month.

The beginning of the fashion week is scheduled for Thursday, February 8 and to plunge into the fashionable life of Manhattan will be until February 16. At this time, the people of new York will be able to attend collections autumn-winter season 2018 and also look at quite wearable novelties presented by various designers of varying degrees of fame, including Christian Siriano, Michael Kors, Jason Wu and many others.

Fashion week in new York: a brief guide

The days when catwalks for fashion shows installed in the tents at Lincoln Center and Bryant Park are long gone. Now the Mecca for all fashionistas in February are Spring Studios, 6 St. Johns Lane in TriBeCa, where for weeks a major part of fashion shows, but some designers sometimes prefer to present their collections in more creative places throughout the city.

For all those who wonder what is best to put on, going to watch the show in the fashion Week, we have two words: comfortable shoes. Sometimes from one show to another you have to walk, not once, and try to do it in high heels is not going to help. Fortunately, sneakers, shoes and boots to go low is still in fashion, so in the name of beauty, you can torture yourself a little less.

Also, feel free to wear your most stylish clothes, because the fashion Week Manhattan turns into a meeting place for fashionistas being photographed no less than celebrities. Remember, from 8 to 16 February, the photographers are hunting you. Look around and be prepared for the fact that your style will be noticed and become a fashion icon.

To get tickets to fashion Week quite difficult — tickets for shows are mostly by invitation, and to place in the front rows and all seems unreal. But every show possible to watch free, through live on And the most interesting facts from behind the scenes can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat (@nyfw).