Reincarnation of the world Expo returns to Queens this spring

Reincarnation of the world Expo returns to Queens this spring

World fair 1964 year was a huge event in the life of new York of the twentieth century. She gathered in Flushing Meadows representatives from 80 countries, 24 U.S. States and 45 corporations that have flocked to the Big Apple to show the world the newest technical and technological achievements. Then in Queens you can find a full-fledged amusement Park that included amusement rides and more than 140 pavilions, 110 restaurants and 45 additional entertainment for every taste. This spring everything will be repeated again, except that the smaller scale is planned.

LIC Flea and Astoria Flea and Food plan to arrange spectacular flashback on April 28 and 29 when the new reincarnation of the world exhibition will return to the Parking lot to Citi Field. The event, named The World’s Fare will focus on equality and cultural diversity in new York. In the mini-exhibition will bring together 100 suppliers of food and art from different cultures. Goodies will be in charge of the special Committee, consisting of real experts in the world of food, including the renowned chef Claus Meyer, a journalist and culinary expert, Jessica Harris and street food guru KF Seetoh from Singapore.

However, in The World’s Fare is not only tasty to eat. The guests of the show wait music concerts, art installations for example, the exhibition of Japanese calligraphy. Tickets for the fair can be purchased online at a price of $19 to $199.


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