Trump proposes to raise fees for airline passengers

Trump proposes to raise fees for airline passengers

If the budget plan presented Monday by Donald trump, will receive the approval of American air passengers will have to pay more for tickets.

The President proposed to include in their costs a higher Commission transportation security administration. This step will raise the price of every single ticket for $1 from October of the current year, after which an additional fee will be gradually increased and will reach $ 8.25 by 2020. Now it amounts to $5.60.

Trump proposes to raise fees for airline passengers

According to USA.Today, the idea to raise the Commission was preceded by an arrangement to invest $71 million in new equipment to ensure safety at airports. Cancel that last month the Department of homeland security, headed by Kirsten Nielsen announced the introduction of new rules for the admission of refugees from 11 countries. The modified policy requires additional screening and, therefore, advanced equipment.

Will U.S. travelers to pay more for increased security measures, finally decide to Congress. Last year the authority rejected a similar proposal because of the protests of avikompanii unions and passengers.

Recall that late last year the transport Department cancelled the requirement that carriers had to disclose information about extra charges. The Agency is motivated by a trump to reduce the cost of regulation.

The decision caused a group of prosecutors who have demanded transparent tariffs in an open letter.