Scary figures appear in Madison Square Park this spring

Scary figures appear in Madison Square Park this spring

Madison Square Park not just reputed to be one of the most popular locations to accommodate all kinds of installations and projects street art in new York city. And starting may 7 the Park is located 36-th project — a series of six new sculptures by artist from Brooklyn Syrian origin, Diana al-Hadid. The project was called Delirious Matter this is the first major public art project al-Hadid.

The sculptures will be in different parts of the Park, and in a series of unusual, and, frankly, creepy includes two wall pieces that will surround the living shortay, a trio of reclining female figures, which will be located on the lawns, and the bust is mounted on a special structure, towering over the mirror pond in the Northern part of Madison Square Park.

Al-Hadid can be characterized as having a mixture of fragmented ornamentations (image shapes or symbols, replacing them) and abstractions that embodies a variety of topics, including history, globalization, and human nature. «Delirious Matter» can be seen from 7 may to 3 September so be sure to take the time during the warmer months to get out for a walk in the Park, and maybe even make some nice artistic photos.


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