In one of the theaters of Iowa accidentally found a painting worth more than $5 million

Did you happen to find money forgotten in winter clothes? And how about the painting cost from $5 to $17 million? Robert Warren, Executive Director of the theatre, Hoyt Sherman Place, told the story about how he randomly found a rare painting in the building of the theatre.

Two years ago the man was preparing for the celebration of Presidents ‘ Day and in search of flags during the Civil war, discovered a small closet, hidden behind flowers placed in front of her. Looking down, Robert saw a peek from the corner of old paintings. When he got the canvas, before him opened the image of Venus and Apollo.

Posted by Hoyt Sherman Place on Monday, March 26, 2018

«I didn’t realize it until I looked at his back, where he listed the title of the painting. I saw that she was badly damaged, and also could see water streaks. She hid in a room filled with junk. I had no idea that the painting has any value,» says Warren.

When the examination was conducted, it turned out – found work of art is likely worth a lot of money. The exact price is unknown, however experts say the amount from $5 to $17 million. Its author was Otto van Veen, a famous Flemish painter, representative of mannerism. His work can be seen in the Louvre and in the National Portrait Gallery.

To sell the painting guide Hoyt Sherman Place no plans. He already took a special place, and it will complement the local collection art gallery, which is located in the same building. Restored this work of art is one of Chicago’s restorers and it is also able to establish the date of creation of the painting. This is the period from 1595 to 1600 a year.