Top 12 charming secret gardens of new York

Hard to argue with the statement that new York is a real concrete jungle. But even here there is a beautiful green Islands: the main thing to know where to look. Of course, you can always go to Central Park, but much better to visit one of the beautiful secret gardens in the Big Apple, which is not known to all, and for a while, to be alone, away from the urban bustle and daily concerns.


St Luke in the Fields Garden

Located next to the Church in the West village, this garden will provide you with more than two acres for walking on lawns among both exotic and familiar flowers, plants and berries. Especially good in spring and autumn, when there are flying birds and butterflies.


Elizabeth Street Garden

In this romantic garden in Little Italy cozy as nowhere else — not least because of the marble sculptures and statues nestled among the trees.


Jefferson Market Garden

In one of the most bustling parts of the city, near the Jefferson Market Library, a real haven of tranquility — full of fragrant flowers and beautiful ponds, from one look at which covers the peace. The garden is open from spring to autumn, and now is the time to pay there a visit.


Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

Visiting this estate, built in the 19th century, you will feel like ended up in a different era. Moreover, in addition to a tour of the house, you can enjoy the flowering gardens around.


Creative Little Garden

The garden, which appeared in the East village in 1978, the year is relatively small, but this does not prevent him from year to year to remain a real oasis of calm for residents. Caring for green island local volunteers — and, to their credit, do it masterfully.


6BC Botanical Garden

To step beyond the gates of this garden on 6th street is like to be in a fairy tale. In addition to the flowers and spreading trees, there is the Belvedere, a charming small pond and plenty of benches where you can relax with a book in his hands.


Greenacre Park

Despite its small size, this place is deservedly considered a pearl Midtown: here you can relax in the shade of trees, enjoy the sun among the flowers placed on the benches and admire the 25-foot waterfall. And if you suddenly get hungry, there are dining outdoors. What more could you want?


Alice’s Garden

Located in Far West Side Park named in honor of Alice Parsekian and watched over him until his death in 2010 year. Since then, this place done by volunteers, well managed to maintain this pleasant atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.


Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden

Another garden in the East village: these are giant green «jungle» are often the venue for different readings and concerts. Besides, they can be rented for private events.


Ford Foundation Garden Atrium

The glass walls of this garden create an ideal for him, subtropical environment. And yet there is a cozy terrace and beautiful swimming pool.


New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden

One of the most popular places in Staten Island Snug Harbour will take you straight to the East. Huge stones evoke memories of the giant rocks and small bamboo trails and ponds with floating koi seemed to be lifted straight from ancient Chinese paintings.


Lotus Garden

The West side of the garden is twenty feet above West 97th Street — right on the roof of the building. The green island of the care of over 28 gardeners and volunteers, and each year hosts many events.