Film with Margot Robbie will be released in Russia under the name «Goner» instead of «End»

Today, April 5, was released dubbed the trailer of the new film «the Terminal» with the nominee for «Oscar-2018» Margot Robbie in the lead role. However, the sensation was not the trailer, and the name under which the Thriller presented to the Russian viewer.

Originally one of the variants of the name was «Ice bitch», later painting called «the Ultimate» (the most accurate translation of the original name). After that, the users of social networks began to be ironic about the fact that at first glance, the title of the film reads like a «goner» instead of «end». And, apparently, in the opinion of the inhabitants decided to listen.

A distribution company «Central partnership», and presented the film «Goner», has not commented on its decision. While some believe that the name chosen for another reason. In the story the main heroine of the Thriller — odious personality who leads a strange and complicated game, pitting together the two killers. Perhaps it is the character of the Central person and influenced the choice of title.