Of a disabled teenager with a family was kicked off the Alaska Airlines plane because he threw up

Easter trip to Missouri had a nasty end for a family of Seattle — the teenager with down syndrome and his parents had 11 hours to stay at the airport in St. Louis after they were expelled from the plane of Alaska Airlines.

The airline decided to get rid of the passengers, as the young man vomited on Board.

About the incident told sister disabled Megan Hess, who at this moment did not accompany the family.

UPDATE: @AlaskaAir still leaving sick Down Syndrome kid they kicked off their flight STRANDED at St. Louis airport @AP @ABC @CNN @FoxNews pic.twitter.com/TIl0vPGK7t

— Meaghan Hess (@hessybaby93) April 3, 2018

According to the girl, her brother threw up a little bit after landing on flight No. 779, which his mother and father were asked to leave the cabin of the aircraft.

They were given tickets for another flight leaving the next morning. The airline is not bothered by the fact that the family had no place to stay. The only thing that suggested the defendants in the incident — a black plastic bag for vomit.

@AlaskaAir decided to kick a sick Down Syndrome kid off their flight and leave him and his family stranded in the airport overnight — the ONLY thing @AlaskaAir did was give him a black bag to throw up in pic.twitter.com/dpLznY5Efn

— Meaghan Hess (@hessybaby93) April 3, 2018

When Hess asked the carrier’s explanations, the representative of Alaska Airlines explained that the decision was made for security purposes, as he «showed obvious signs of poor health, and on Board there are no staff able to provide adequate assistance in such situations.»

A relative of the victims said differently — she sees the incident as discrimination against the disabled.