The ship Delta Airlines child until bruises were spinal the passenger in the neighboring seat

Sally Canario, flying from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, left the airliner Delta Airlines covered in bruises. The woman was «lucky» to sit next to a child who desperately kicking.

The victim of the incident was flying the redeye. Sitting at the window, she decided to take a NAP. In a nearby chair sat a woman with her little daughter. Before bedtime, the girl threw a tantrum, crying and kicking. And as she sat my mother on her knees legs in the direction of a neighbor that got all the kicks.

At the request Canario transplanted her stewardess said that she is «not a babysitter» and advised to «understand each other». The complaint from the passenger, it also did not accept, explaining his refusal by the fact that she did not hurt at all and «creating problems and harassing the neighbors».

The inaction of the staff of the liner Sally Canario arrived to Minneapolis with a bruised rib cartilage. Visible to the naked eye injury she demonstrated on his Twitter page.

@delta When I asked a Delta flight attendant to take my injury report, after I was kicked repeatedly in the ribs by an adjacent child passenger, Jonathan declined and said I was “causing trouble, you aren’t injured, you are harassing the family next to you.” #delta @oprah

— sallyc (@CanarioSally) April 5, 2018

Sally Canario does not hold a grudge at her young offender and her mother. The woman blames the incident on the airline, whose representatives did not want to help her. In her opinion, Delta Airlines time to reconsider the policy of formation of reports about injuries and the training of employees.