Nordstrom opens new boutique for men in new York

Fashion and futurism — this is the direction of the new boutique men’s clothing and accessories Nordstrom, which opens April 12 in new York. The three-storey building with an area of 4.5 thousand square meters, has become the first point of the famous chain of boutiques in the center of the United States. The company plans to open in 2019, another boutique on the property of a supermarket, Central Park Tower.

Guide Nordstrom spent 30 years searching for suitable retail space in new York. The basic requirement for boutique freestanding building in new York turned out to be a very daunting task. But, thanks to the persistence of managers and efficiency of realtors, a suitable site was found.

Literally from the first steps of visitors to the boutique plunge into the kaleidoscope of the current trends in men’s fashion, where business style coexists with casual clothes and the goods of luxury brands are located side by side with brands in the consumer. Special attention is given to sneakers: about 50% of the shoes in the boutique presents this type of Shoe from Nike to Christian Louboutin.

Also present innovative design solutions. For example, interactive screens that allow you to see items that are not on the trading floor. For Internet buyers provided service Reserve Online and Try In Store: customer can choose up to 10 products on the website, and then try them in a separate room in the boutique. There is also a Laundry service «buy online and pick up in store».

Company history Nordstrom began in 1901, when John Nordstrom and his partner Carl Wallin opened a Shoe store. Subsequently, the range included clothes, accessories, bags, cosmetics and perfume. As of 2016 the network is represented by 349 points in 40 U.S. States, Canada and Puerto Rico.