In North Carolina you may try the Burger with a tarantula

The usual Burger now hardly someone will be surprised. Another thing, if it is… a tarantula. It is such a product offer in one of the restaurants in North Carolina.

Bull City Burger and Brewery has launched a promotional menu called «exotic meat Month». During this period, visitors are offered the burgers to the most unexpected toppings: meats alligator, iguana, Python, bison, turtles and even spiders.

Burger tarantula costs about $30 and has already become a hit of the season. Although too many customers, they recognized that to start eating genuine meals is psychologically difficult. However, in fairness, it should be noted that, in addition to fried spider, the filling is beef, cheese, chili sauce. And those who managed to cope with the Burger, will get a prize from the restaurant — branded t-shirt.

Martha did it yesterday, Randall did it today, and now it’s David D’s turn to give it a shot!

David D. ticket # 907656 give us a call and claim your tarantula burger. 🕷 on!!!

— Bull City Burger (@BullCityBurger) April 6, 2018

Not everyone can get a Burger with a spider. Just Bull City Burger and Brewery was purchased 18 arthropods, and now visitors participate in a kind of lottery.

Offer as toppings tarantula is tarantulas. The poison which it contains, to be no more dangerous than a bee sting. The most common habitat — Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica).