This weekend, new Yorkers will be able to observe a meteor shower

This weekend new York will see the free show — this year’s first meteor shower of spring rain.

In the period from 16 to 25 April in the night sky you can observe the fascinating natural phenomenon — one of the oldest meteor showers Lerida, which was recorded 2600 years ago in the Chinese chronicle «Zuo Zhuan». The last outbreak Lirida was observed in 1982, according to

Astronomers believe that the best day to view the meteor shower is Sunday (April 22). Fortunately, a romance or just lovers admire the enchanting spectacle will have a unique opportunity: the weather forecasters assure us that the night sky will be clear. In order not to miss the moment, it is better to watch the shooting stars before dawn — then you will have more chances to make a wish.

By the way, all meteor showers are formed when the Earth intersects with the comet and is confronted with the traces of their wreckage. They leave bright streaks — this is the so-called shooting stars.

What starbursts in 2018 expect new Yorkers:

  • May 6-7 — meteor shower ETA Aquarids;
  • July 28-29 — meteor shower Delta Aquarids;
  • 12-13 August — the annual meteor shower Perseid.