Unruly passenger got 10 times with a stun gun on Board American Airlines

Police had to repeatedly use a Taser to subdue unruly passenger on Board the American Airlines plane and forced him to leave the room.

The incident occurred Sunday evening at the Miami airport, where the flight No. 2446 was supposed to fly to the international airport O’hara in Chicago.

It all started with the fact that the 28-year-old Jacob Garcia began to molest the traveler. After she complained to the flight attendants, violators of public order were asked to change seats, to which he responded with screaming and insults a neighbor and her boyfriend.

According to a statement from the carrier, Garcia decided to land, but he refused, and then the staff began to disembark all passengers.

During this process, an unruly passenger began to fight with the companion, and the incident intervened by the police. They ordered the perpetrator of the incident to get off the plane, but there it was: the man started to show active resistance and even tried to take away weapons from law enforcement officers.

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— Jabari Ennis (@PoleVaultDream) April 23, 2018

Then the last used a Taser. To calm the aggressive passenger, and handcuff him, had to press the button 10 times.

In the end, Garcia went to places not so remote, and the plane with passengers took off. However, with a delay of one hour.