Los Angeles without traffic jams: how to see the city without a car

Once in Los Angeles, many tourists are held hostage to endless traffic jams stretching for many kilometers and stealing precious moments of vacations. You’re so close to the goal, and all you need is just to get to their dreams. But you’re squeezed on all sides and, of course, if you have no wings, doomed to lose time in vain. Sometimes it’s so annoying that I want to immediately go back on the plane!

The situation in Los Angeles — is not uncommon. The ordinary city dweller spends an average of over 95 hours of their personal time on the tube.

To help local residents come new ways of moving. Different areas of the city have adapted in their own way. There is no need to rent a car, stuck in traffic jams or circling several times on the area in search of Parking. So, Downtown, Santa Monica/Venice and Hollywood are all well thought out for walking or Cycling. Throughout the city without interruption serviced by public transport, which is very cheap. Modern technology in the form of apps , Uber and Lyftthat are present in almost every phone today, also allow you to forget about your own car. Also, the less used the car, the better the ecological situation in the city.

How to use public transportation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles without traffic jams: how to see the city without a car

From LA international airport (LAX) to the city centre can be reached in just $8 per person on the bus Flyaway. Roughly to the center the bus takes 35-40 minutes, and to Hollywood for a half hour. Sending buses carried from the lower floors of the arrivals area (under the green signs). Tickets for trips can be purchased in advance online, pay by card or in cash at the bus.

Public transport in LA is operated by the Metropolitan transportation authority, known as Metro. The cost of one ticket in the Metro is less than two dollars. If you want to use public transport constantly, it is best to purchase travel tickets at a price of $7/25 $ for the day/week. In Santa Monica is a company Big Blue Bus. Buses of this company is only $1,25.

Local residents almost do not use public transport, despite the fact that the buses in LA are equipped with everything necessary, including facilities for people with disabilities, mothers with children and cyclists. The buses run on schedule, every about 25 minutes, but actually rely on strict adherence to the schedule is not necessary.

The most popular metro lines are Gold, Red and Expo, connecting the downtown with the suburbs and popular tourist places.

In order to use such apps like Uber and Lyft, you need a phone, Internet connection and a pre-registration in the application. Uber is different from a normal taxi that work here can anyone who already installed this app and has registered. This is a very convenient way to move around the city, almost always inexpensive. However, he uses this technique as the raising of tariffs during the period of high demand, which sometimes makes the trip more expensive than the normal rate. It is possible that in the near future it will be possible to order an Uber at the arrival in the airport of LA.

The service Lyft differs from the standard taxi. The company’s founders claim that it can help you save up to 30%. Lyft offers to pick up the car and fellow travelers with whom it will be possible to reach the desired destination. Cars involved in the system, usually marked with a special sign in the form of a pink mustache on the bumper. Today, the company proposes to establish a schedule of guaranteed trips for the week. That is, if the tourist will need to go at a certain time to the airport or to a concert, he need only advance to confirm your order.


Los Angeles without traffic jams: how to see the city without a car

Buses Flyaway Shuttle takes travelers to Union Station — the main train terminal in Los Angeles. The station building was built in 1939 in the Spanish style art-Deco. There is easy access to the Central part of the city on the trains of the Metro Purple Line (805) and the Metro Red Line (802). Stop at Civic Center/Grand Park Station.

Just about ten years ago, the locals would tell you that there is no reason to go downtown unless there is some business appointment. But now it is not. Tourists come to this area to see the new Museum at the Grammys, to try delicious dishes at the restaurants in nearby LA Live, accessible on the Expo Line. Then, near Exposition Park, the best museums, one of which is California science center. This is where you can see a completely different, futuristic form of transport — the space Shuttle «endeavour»presented in the world only four copies.

Downtown is worth a visit Chinatown and Little Tokyo, stroll along the Gold line to Olvera street- the original settlement of the city. Today it is like to go to Mexico without leaving the US borders). You can also ride on the Red Line Metro and get acquainted with such architectural landmarks as the Bradbury building, where the shooting took place «blade Runner», or a Concert hall Walt Disney.

In addition, Downtown is always a place where you can eat. Definitely worth a visit such well-known restaurants like Bestia and Baco Mercat, classic Philippe the Original. You can also go to the updated Grand Central Market.


Los Angeles without traffic jams: how to see the city without a car

The FlyAway bus brings tourists to Hollywood station Metro Red Line at Hollywood & Vine. The red line is located very close to Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave, where close to TCL Chinese Theatre. It is an iconic place in Hollywood. It is here that many generations of Hollywood stars leave imprints of their feet or hands in the cement. Ibid. — the Dolby Theatre, world famous as the venue of one of the most significant ceremonies of the cinema award «Oscar».

West Hollywood is only a few kilometers away from the bus stop. It is definitely worth a visit in any convenient way: to call Uber, Lyft, or take the bus line 2 to the stop Sunset Boulevard. You can also go down to Fountain Ave near La Brea Ave and take the free daytime bus CityLine.

West Hollywood is a famous district of Los Angeles, ideal for walks by day and parties by night. Night life is mostly concentrated in the streets of the Sunset Strip (traditional customers) and the Boulevard in Santa Monica (LGBT). Great to feel like a star avoiding the paparazzi lenses many among the trendy boutiques on Robertson Blvd between Melrose Ave and 3rd St.

For lunch you can go to The Abbey — one of the most popular bars in the area. Or to experiment, try power lunch from ivy, visit one of the institutions of Vietnamese cuisine, which heavily pushed the institution of traditional local cuisine. For a more relaxed lunch it is better to go to the Boulevard in Santa Monica.

In West Hollywood you can rent a bike and take part in a Bicycle tour, during which tourists will pass from the West Hollywood to the ocean. Ride the «iron horse» from other parts of the city will be difficult, as not all of them is designed for such trips. With a Bicycle allowed in buses and metro, so you can get to anywhere by public transport, riding him in a quiet, peaceful area.

Santa Monica and Venice

Los Angeles without traffic jams: how to see the city without a car

Santa Monica is a wonderful combination of beach culture with the infrastructure of a big city. The Flyaway bus takes you to the Civic Center district. Expo Line runs from downtown to Santa Monica. From there to reach the ocean on foot. Nearby there is a mini-amusement Park on the world famous pier. Stroll through the pedestrian Third Street Promenade or the nearby area of Santa Monica.

Art lovers can head to the Eastern part of the city on four bus Big Blue Bus or for the Expo Line 26th street to Bergamot station, where there are dozens of art galleries and the Museum of arts Santa Monica at the former railway station.

Venice is located South of Santa Monica. This town is steeped in an atmosphere of democracy since the days when it was Jim Morrison. Hipster spirit is in town and is particularly strongly felt in the area of Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Should definitely visit this place on weekends, when there are sea carnival. To get here from Santa Monica, you need to take the Metro 733 bus and move down Ocean Ave and Main St. Also you can just walk along the ocean, because it only takes about half an hour.

In Venice there are many dedicated cycle paths, so this is the place to study it slowly, stopping when necessary to rest.