As a whole month free to travel around the country and get paid for it $10 thousand

Who wouldn’t want to spend a whole summer traveling the most Sunny cities in the US? Probably, there is not enough. But, unfortunately, afford a vacation, not everyone can — it’s quite expensive when you consider the cost of transport, meals and accommodation.

And if someone took care of all the expenses, but still would pay you at rates above the average? Sounds too good to be true? However, this is a real vacancy.

Hotel chain Days Inn looking for a man who a month from July to August to take beautiful pictures of the sun in different parts of the United States: from sunrise in San Diego before sunset in Miami. During your trip you should try to catch as many compelling images. Later Sunny photos adorn the 1,500 branded hotels around the world and will appear on the Internet.

Job seekers should not be professionalnym a photographer enough to be of subitem, have a passion for travel and the ability to move freely around the country.

Lucky that you could get for your trip 10 thousand bonus, and all his expenses will cover the Days Inn.

An application for the vacancy can be submitted until 20 may. It is necessary to attach your favorite photo under the open sky and in 100 words describe why you are an ideal candidate.

The offer is valid only for U.S. residents who have reached the age of 21 years.

Well, if one month you travel enough and want to relax outside of the continent, you will approach the job from Wow Air — until may 14, the airline is looking for two friends for 2.5 months will go to Iceland and will do a travel blog without spending a penny on housing and transportation and get $4 thousand a month for expenses.

Not let work? Residents of the Big Apple can take it with me parebuildables from the office to Hawaii. Among new York’s workaholics cast 6 free vouchers.