Stormy Daniels is promoting a clothing line, making fun of President trump

The adult film star who became known after her allegations of an intimate relationship with Donald trump, is now touting the clothing on which is printed a mocking slogans. Most of these phrases associated with the President of the United States and alluding to his affair with Daniels, who alleged they had in 2006. The main slogan became: «Fake boobs>Fake news» (Fake Breasts Fake news).

Up and running! Love my friends for doing this!

— Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels) May 4, 2018

Product sold on the website Store Stormy. It Stormy Daniels is described as a «killer Internet trolls«. In the description of her person told that woman his entire life fighting for freedom of speech and justice.

«Not wanting to be silent and be intimidated, Stormy faced bullies my whole life, and continues to do so today,» — said on the website.

Most products presented on the online platform promotes the so-called TeamStormy. It’s kind of a support group actress of films for adults. In addition, the clothes are frequently encountered slogans, based on the history of Daniels about her relationship with trump. One of the prints says: «don’t make me spank you«. This is a direct allusion to the woman’s story about how she allegedly slapped Donald trump Forbes magazine during their meeting.

Daniels also advertised this site on his Twitter account, signing a post: «up and running! I love my friends for that!«.

Recall that the actress claims that she had an intimate relationship with the current President of the United States in 2006. According to Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, personal counsel of the trump paid her $130 thousand for possession of silence. The woman sued, demanding to recognize the agreement invalid, because trump did not put his signature under it. Later, the lawyer of the President admittedthat he paid this amount to the actress, however, according to him, it was personal initiative, and there is no connection with the head of state.