The 5 most common reasons why you can disembark from the plane

To leave the plane before sending it is one of the most unfortunate incidents that can happen to you. Especially if you are in a hurry for an important meeting or event.

Sometimes companies sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, and sometimes their employees openly violate the rules, dropping off passengers for a stupid reason. The loudest scandal on this soil happened on Board of the aircraft United Airlines a year ago when the salon pulled the older doctor.

However, these are isolated cases. Most often to blame (directly or indirectly) the passengers themselves, who are asked to leave the salon.

So, what are the 5 most common reasons a plane can fly without you?

  • Obvious signs of intoxication. If they are seen before the plane takes off, passengers tipsy planted with great probability.
  • The signs of the disease. Today the crew is rarely included in the situation of people experiencing the ailment. For example, a passenger who began vomiting, the staff of the plane will drop rather than help them. Recently convinced a family from Seattle who was left at the airport because of nausea son with a disability.
  •  Aggression towards the crew. If you came into conflict with the flight attendant before takeoff, you are risking to be planted, as your behavior will be regarded as a threat.
  • A physical confrontation with anyone on Board. The fight in the plane is a sure way not to get to the destination. In such a situation the aircraft can make an emergency landing, and in some cases against the offender can even use the Taser. His discharge has experienced an unruly passenger onboard American Airlines.
  • Trying to open a plane door in the air. It is impossible to do, but for such things the offender will accurately in the hands of the police after the emergency landing.
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