Johnny Depp is sick? A few fans concerned about the painful star

Hollywood actor johnny Depp ‘s already a few days in Russia as part of a tour group Hollywood Vampires. This weekend the network appeared the pictures of the fans with the actor and musician, in which 54-year-old Depp looks very thin and pale.

Fan of Depp from Russia were able to take pictures with the star of «Pirates of the Caribbean» in St. Petersburg, hotel Four Seasons, where he was staying. After photos leak online, many users said that in «thin» and «pale» man is hard to find beloved actor.

Disturbing New photos of Johnny Depp in Russia has his fans concerned for his health.

The movie star is currently taking a break from filming movies and is touring overseas with his band.

— Crave Pop (@PopCrave) June 3, 2018

«After disturbing new photos of johnny Depp in Russia, fans began to worry about his health.»

«Wow! Johnny Depp is terminally ill or is preparing for a strange role in a movie?», — suggested one of the users of Twitter.

Another theory — the reason for the thinness may be the use of drugs. Some users have mentioned that the actor looked like the character Freddy Krueger from «Nightmare on elm street».

Last years was not the best in the life of Depp. The actor’s name appeared regularly in the tabloids. The main scandal was the recognition of his ex-wife amber heard that her former spouse has repeatedly raised her hand. In this regard, the court even forbade Depp to approach the herd closer than 91 meters. By the way, during the court session heard called the actor «an alcoholic and a drug addict.»

Despite the fact that Hollywood Vampires should give two concerts in Russia, the Hollywood actor arrived several days early to get acquainted with the Russian culture. He visited the mausoleum of Lenin, the apartment-Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky and took a picture with the bust of Stalin.

31 may in Saint-Petersburg there was an incident: the car which drove the actor crashed into a wall. Depp is not affected.

First photo of #johnnydepp in Moscow for the @hollywoodvamps European Tour 😍 😍 ♥ this ♥ on!!!

— IFOD (@itfansofdepp) May 26, 2018