Suicide Kate spade: new details and comments close

Eldest sister of the famous designer Kate spade, who committed suicide in new York on June 5, stated that the deceased suffered several years of mental illness, so that her suicide «was not unexpected». 57-year-old RETA Saffo, Bresnahanliving in Kansas, wrote an e-mail to the newspaper Kansas City Star.

Other sources close to the family, spade, say Saffo has long does not communicate with the family, but because her comments — «unfounded». «Mother disgusted to hear this. We are very saddened by there sister Kate, who has more than 10 years does not communicate with the family, makes such unfounded allegations,» — said one of the sources.

So, according to the Pictures., Kate spade 3-4 years suffered from a mental disorder, «waving» from the loved ones attempts to get her to seek help.

«Sister worried that hospitalization may damage its image, and hence the brand image. In the end the amount of stress she went into manic depression. The incident was not a surprise to me. Sometimes you just can’t save people from themselves,» said sister spade.

Recall that manic depression is one of the periods of the bipolar disorder identity.

RETA Saffo suggested that suicidal thoughts Kate began to appear in August 2014, after the suicide of Robin Williams. (Actor hanged himself at his home in California.)

The police confirmed that Kate spade was found dead in the bedroom of her apartment in Manhattan. She strangled herself tied to a door with a red scarf. According to sources in the police, spade left a suicide note for his only child — 13-year-old daughter Frances Beatrix.