Died famous Ukrainian Director Kira Muratova

6 June 2018 became a well-known figure of Soviet and Ukrainian cinema Kira Muratova. She was 83 years old. On the death of the Director told her husband Eugene Golubenko. Causes of death were not disclosed.

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Posted by Oleg Vergelis on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Kira Muratova was born on November 5, 1934 in Soroca, Bessarabia. In 1959 graduated from the directing Department VGIK (Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov), and then went to work at Odessa film Studio. First debuted as screenwriter and Director after 3 years, after graduation. Then the lights went out in short film «At Steep ravine«.

The first significant films were «brief encounters» (1967) and «the Long goodbye» (1971). In these works is clearly evident pull Muratova to the moral aspect of humans and crannies of his soul. Her most famous work: «Change of fate» (1987) and «Asthenic syndrome» (1989). These films attracted the attention of the public and critics. Many film makers after the release of these works have recognized her as a professional of the highest class.

Died famous Ukrainian Director Kira Muratova

Muratov worked at different times with such prominent figures as Vladimir Vysotsky, Oleg Tabakov, Alla Demidova, Zinaida sharko and George Deliev.

The Director announced the end of career after the release of the painting «the Eternal return» (2012) and has since been actively engaged in social activities. Kira Muratova was known for his civil position and openly supported the events of Euromaidan. After the Russian aggression, cultural activist took the side of the Ukrainian people and condemned the actions of the Russian Federation. In 2015, the woman gave an interview in which he criticized the actions of the Russian Federation and called for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

«I take the side of Ukraine. I don’t like what she fights, but I don’t know how to get out of it — in those standards in which mankind lives: «we Must defend our territory, we must fight!». But no territory, is not worth for her to kill, even if this territory called home. Humanity loves to fight, it sees this heroism, those who do not want to fight, it condemns. But there are, unfortunately, very little. Little pacifists. Someone still, but someone seems to be — well, how else. Many people simply do not believe that a world without war is possible. Why flutter if nothing has changed.»