A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Oh, this is new York… a Rapid, restless… Daily flock here hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. Someone beckon the skyscrapers of the business part of the city, the frantic pace of life, the dream of making his first million. Someone is haunted by the image of the capital of the world created by cinema and glossy magazines. Well, someone just wants to try new York bagels, as you know, the most delicious in the world. Ask the first comer on the street: «What’s your new York?» And surely the answer will be traditional: «Central Park, times square, Fifth Avenue…»

But we know the Big Apple is much more than a dozen attractions, which are heard every second! The city is alive and growing every second — right now. So how do you from year to year, from day to day to go the tried route?

It’s time to finally see the true, non-touristy new York. And you will definitely want to come back here again!

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Tradition: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met)

The number of cultural centers NY can easily compete with the leading cities of the world. And the most important is its trump card, no doubt, Met. It’s not that easy to get, and, after performing this feat, you find yourself in a dense stream of art lovers, swiftly carrying you from exposure to exposure. Not a very pleasant prospect, isn’t it? For completeness: in 2017, the Museum was visited by over 7 million people!

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative 1: Cloisters

Alternatively, visit the Cloisters — a branch of the Met Museum in picturesque Fort Tryon Park. Cloisters specializiruetsya on the art and architecture of medieval Europe and has a rich collection of artifacts. By the way, an interesting exhibit of the Museum — the building itself: it was built of specially handled in the USA the ruins of European monasteries. Visitors to the Cloisters if transported in «Game of thrones».

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesmuseum of the Moving Image

Alternative 2: Museum of the Moving Image

This Museum in Queens dedicated to modern art, namely cinema and television. By studying the posters of popular films and samples of the animation, not bored neither adults nor children. Recently acquired a line of Muppet Show. Size Museum of the Moving Image is much more modest than Met. And to bypass it, you don’t have all day to wander through the galleries. But less does not mean worse. Just here you will find exhibits that will be interesting for you.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesMoMA PS1

Alternative 3: MoMA PS1

If you are looking for a Museum in which objects of contemporary art are represented so that even attract the kids, then you need in long island city, where MoMA PS1. The Museum is located in a historic building of public schools, which further emphasizes his «otherness». Exhibits on display in the hall, styled like a school cafeteria. The entrance to MoMA PS1 this files most often free or for a nominal donation to the Museum Fund. The theme changes every season, so, coming to new York for the second time, you are unlikely to see the same exposure. It’s more affordable, more lively, people close to the Museum which is well worth a visit with the whole family.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesThe Tenement Museum

Alternative 4: The Tenement Museum

The original Tenement Museum, i.e., the prison Museum, located near the Williamsburg bridge. Its theme is the life of immigrants who arrived in the U.S. in the nineteenth century. New York was founded by immigrants — immigrants from Europe who made it what it is today. The Tenement Museum will help you to develop a clear picture of what was happening in the city at the time.

Of course, you can walk through the Museum yourself, but better to use the services of a qualified guide. He will reveal to you the origins of the formation of the American dream that still beats in the heart of every immigrant.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Tradition: Central Park

Speaking of new York, many of those who never was in the Big Apple, just imagine the green lawns of Central Park. Thank you to the Hollywood producers who made this Park a world leader in the number of films with his «participation». Yes there movies even cartoons! Do you remember who ran the penguins from «Madagascar»?

And although more cliché than a walk through Central Park, it’s hard to imagine, yet it can be made more personal, sophisticated and romantic. If visiting the Park is a must, try to discover the symbol of new York city from an unexpected quarter.

Yes, we’re talking about a boat trip on the lake in the Western part of the Park. And here you can rent combobulated and ride in the Park in the best tradition of American comedies. In the evenings, show film classics: «Eat, pray, love», «night at the Museum», etc.

If the boat you are not very attracted to, is not a reason to leave the Park. Carrie Bradshaw from «Sex and the city» loved to ride in the Park in the carriage. Should we try it? Followers in Instagram will really appreciate it!

But what we have alternatives to most raspiarennomu place in new York?

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesFort Tryon Park Trust

Alternative 1: Fort Tryon Park

This wonderful Park area in Hudson heights we are obliged to Lolo Frederick law Olmsted, Jr. According to new Yorkers, the son of one of the founders of Central Park in many respects surpassed his father. The setting in Fort Tryon Park is much more comfortable, even intimate. Coming here, go directly to the Linden terrace near the already mentioned the Museum of medieval Cloisters or stroll through the two main gardens of the Park.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative 2: Prospect Park

As a rule, Central Park is often visited by visitors. Themselves as new Yorkers know to relax outdoors, there is no place in town better than the Brooklyn Prospect Park. No crowds, no scrambling to and fro of carriages, and street traders are not so bugged — a complete illusion attacks. The weekend here come the whole family.

Art blocks
A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Tradition: Chelsea

Chelsea district, known for galleries Gagosian, Andrea Rosen, Anton Kern and dozens of other creative spaces. The potential is huge: there are always exhibitions, new art objects. But this is not the only district of new York, where the art lovers can spend an entire day!

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative 1: Williamsburg

Rooted in the XVII century, today Williamsburg is the center of the new York community of hipsters. Entrepreneurs, artists and creatives moving here from Chelsea, turning the area into a brighter, colorful urban space.

In Williamsburg the most bizarre funk-café, popup markets with hipster kitchen, alternative fashion shops. It is a crossroads of diverse cultures in new York. Spend the day at the flea market (open on weekends), wander through the main streets of Williamsburg, you will definitely find the shop of antiquities, great coffee, lots of brunch places, record stores, parks. There is even a tiny beach with views of the Manhattan skyline. Immediately offers guided tours of the Brooklyn brewery, which is always a waiting list.

Aimless walk through the streets of the district is the best way to spend time in Williamsburg. Many local cafes are participants of the show MasterChef. So if you’re a fan of innovative dishes, here you have more than a dozen occasions to try something new

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesSculptureCenter

Alternative 2: Long Island City

Long island city, of course, can not boast so many galleries, like Chelsea, but if we talk about quality, then he has no equal. In this area of MoMA PS1 offer the most advanced show. In summer, the Museum hosts weekly entertainment in the fresh air — Warm Up. True connoisseurs of culture will be also interesting Noguchi Museum, Flux Factory and the Sculpture Center.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Tradition: The Times Square

Another, almost official, a symbol of new York city — times square. This is largely due to Hollywood. But today, times square is not the same. Now here’s no hiding from the flashy advertising. And yet thousands of tourists every day eager to the square to get the best selfie shot. But why here, if there are alternatives not worse?

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative 1: Union Square

Times square you should visit, but quickly, do not linger here for long. Otherwise, an endless stream of people and flashy advertising will drive crazy even the most hardened tourist. On Broadway, in 30 blocks South of the iconic square, you will find a more suitable resting place — Union square. The environment is much more conducive to relaxation, plus there is free access to East and West Village. In the heart of Union square located Dylan»s Candy Bar, a year-round market with farmers ‘ products, and many small shops.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative 2: Bushwick street art

Thanks to the team Bushwick Collective and other local artists muralists, alleys and warehouses of the quarter turned into a real gallery of street art. Take a walk along Morgan Avenue, Moore Street and other narrow streets — many of them will be the best kind for a photo in Instagram.

Historic architecture
A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Tradition: Grand Central Terminal

There is not necessary to argue. Grand Central Terminal, with its stunning architecture at the Beaux arts, recognizable brass clock and blue arch is decorated with the constellations, is considered a wonder of architecture. Although the majority of tourists perceive it only as a station.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesalan miles

Alternative: Woolworth Building

In 1913, when opened, the Woolworth building, President Woodrow Wilson turned the lights off in the White house, so this was a significant event in the life of new York and the country as a whole. At that time it was the tallest building in the world with a height of 241 m. Very interesting the life of the founder of the building — Frank Winfield Woolworth’s. One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the US started small messenger, without any assistance and start-up capital. The building turned out to match the owner. While other skyscrapers of the city no-no, and will be rocked under the influence of strong winds, the Woolworth building still stands — do not stir.

The importance of the building adds to its closure. After the tragic events of 11 September 2001, the only way to get there book a tour guide.

Food fairs
A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesLos Tacos No.1

Tradition: the Chelsea market

Originating at the National factory for the production of biscuits and popular restaurants, the Chelsea market has become the main gastronomic space in new York. At the weekend crowds of tourists wandering the market, and from the hot street tacos from Los Tacos No. 1 and coveted ice cream halvah from Seed + Mill a distance of a long queue.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sitesSmorgasburg

Alternative 1: Smorgasburg

Smorgasborg attends almost as many tourists as Chelsea market, but there still more. People come here not only for guests of new York, but the locals are culinary hits of the past years. Want a Burger «Ramen» as in 2013? And the dessert «Tear» in 2016? You’ll find it in Smorgasborg.

Alternative 2: gastronomic tour of the Harlem

Originally Haarlem was built by immigrants from Holland as a village community and in 1960-70-ies earned a bad name. But today it is one of the best gastronomic areas of new York. Oil biscuits, waffles, bacon, shrimp, eggs and grilled chicken, which merged African and Caribbean cuisine, is actually the trademark of Harlem.

Great restaurants of any cuisine in the world can be found in almost any area of new York, but if in addition to culinary delights you are interested in the culture and history of the city — then you are in Harlem. There are unforgettable jazz concerts!

The views of Manhattan
A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Tradition: Empire State Building

This building, built in 1932, has long been a mandatory part of sightseeing tours around the city. «Employment» in the films of the famous skyscraper, once the tallest in the world, could compete with the brightest stars of Hollywood.

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative 1: Rockefeller center

But if you need a really unforgettable panorama of the Manhattan skyline, then reviewed with the Empire state building is not the best choice. 15 blocks away is Rockefeller center. From the observation deck on the 70th floor of this building is open is much more exciting.

Alternative 2: Sunset Park

Life hack: enjoy the views of the Manhattan skyline will not work while in Manhattan. Go to sunset Park in South Brooklyn. From the highest point of the area you will see a real «views to a million dollars.» And not just in Manhattan! Hence, even new Jersey looks like a postcard! This is best done in the afternoon: then the whole city as the palm.

Culture Of China
A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

The tradition of downtown Manhattan, Chinatown

To visit in downtown Manhattan obliged every newly arrived in new York. Who can argue? But the trick is that everyone thinks that he is the same «everyone»! Often in downtown drained so many people that walk may not be out of the question! Head throbs only one thought: I can’t wait to get out of this crowd! What should I do? Where to go?

A fresh look at new York | Top 15 alternative sites

Alternative: Flushing, Queens

Enjoy the famous fortune cookie is not only in Chinatown. The number of Asian restaurants Queens for a long time already «breathes in a nape» China town. By the way, in Flushing there are not only Chinese cuisine.