Trump said that he may pardon Muhammad Ali. Family lawyer refused.

The US President Donald trump on June 8, going for the summit «Big seven», referred to reporters from the White house. He said that perhaps posthumously pardon Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and many others wrongfully convicted.

«I think about Muhammad Ali. I’m seriously thinking about it and on the other,» as he began his speech trump.

Family lawyer Boxing legends Ron Twyla, after hearing this statement, said that «appreciates the intentions of the President trump, but a pardon is not necessary. The U.S. Supreme court overturned the convictions of Muhammad Ali by unanimous decision in 1971. There is no more condemnation, which would have required a pardon.»

Trump also told reporters that he will review list of 3 million names to a pardon, because «a lot of them are wrongly convicted».

Still under pardon trump’s got mostly celebrity, however, as promised by the President, in this number there will be other prisoners.

His words related to the recent request Kim Kardashian West to reconsider the punishment for a 63-year-old Alice Mary Johnson, who was serving a 20-year sentence for a minor infraction. Johnson was pardoned and is now free.

«I get more pleasure from pardon of people whom nobody knows, — said trump — As is the case with Alice yesterday.»

Mohammed Ali is one of the most famous athletes in U.S. history. He was convicted of draft evasion during the Vietnam war, but on June 28, 1971 acquitted by the Supreme court. Ali died in 2016 after a long confrontation with Parkinson’s disease.