Stormy released a perfume called «Truth»

Pornstar Stephanie Clifford, known as Stormy Daniels (Stormy Daniels), announced on June 7 is about to release her own perfume entitled «Truth» in cooperation with the company It’s The Bomb.

«Embrace your truth» is the motto of the new perfume, which will be able to use both men and women. Buy novelty can be for $64,99.

«They’re finally here,» — wrote in Instagram 39-year-old pornographic actress and Director.

The name for their first Stormy spirits had chosen, and it truly reflects her worldview, according to the company website it’s the Bomb.

«I’ve reached a point in my life when I’m responsible for what I do and who we are, says Stormy on the website it’s the Bomb. — I completely «embraced» their own truth and are now sharing this strong message».

«That smell is different for everyone who uses it, and men like him are not less than women. At Stormy a lot of fans amongst the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, so gender neutrality was important to her,» said said Executive Director It’s the Bomb Suzette Hughes.

Daniels started working on a project to create their own perfume, thanks to his old friend the Director of «adult films» Michael Ninnu.

«We worked with the famous Director who knows Stormy from the beginning of her career, explained Suzette Hughes. — Stormy saw our work, so I called him and asked if we are to create something for her.»

As you know, Daniels argues that she had an affair with Donald trump in 2006, shortly after his wife Melania trump gave birth to her son Barron.

Last month, the President confirmed in his Twitterthat his lawyer Michael Cohen received the $130 thousand for transmission to the Daniels before the presidential election in 2016 in exchange for her silence. Trump said he paid, wanting to stop the flow of false accusations.