How to survive a plane crash tips of an experienced pilot

Answer honestly, when was the last time you paid attention to the safety instructions during the flight? Probably a very long time. If you actually paid attention.

In the plane I want to forget: read a book, listen to music and certainly not to study, where are the exits, especially given that the risk of dying in a plane crash today is 1 in 11 million.

However, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Here are a few recommendations which will increase your chances to survive a plane crash.

Sharing their experience Dave Inch — airline pilot of Boeing 787flights which make most popular airlines: United Airlines, British Airways, etc.

  • Empty all your pockets, loosen the belt and remove all items from the neck: necktie, scarf, chain. Also you should not have points, and women should remove high-heeled shoes.
  • Find your nearest exit and emergency exit. (One of them may not be available if the plane lands on water.) Mentally «draw» a path from his seat to the exit, noting obstacles, ledges, etc. This is very useful if the cabin fills with smoke and visibility is bad. In this case, use a wet cloth, through which you breathe.
  • Follow the instructions of flight attendants: do not move from place until you are told to do it.
  • Forget about shooting video on a mobile, be collected and focused. «If you die, you this video just do not need,» says Dave Inch.
  • Do not inflate the life jacket until exiting the aircraft. If the cabin fills with water, you simply will not be able to dive under the water to swim out into the emergency exit. By the way, a vest can keep on the water 2 people — and remember this.
  • After leaving the plane, put out (or run off) away from the smoke and fire, but not so far that you could not see the rescuers.