Robert De Niro at the ceremony of the Tony Awards «send» trump (video)

Famous Hollywood actor Robert De Niro during the ceremony of the Tony Awards last night, June 10, in the truest sense of the word «sent» President Donald trump.

«First, I want to say: f**k trump. This is not just down with trump, is —**k trump,» said De Niro, after which the audience stood up and roared.

The words of Oscar-winning actor has caused a storm of discussion in social networks, and reaction was mixed.

«Robert De Niro is my favorite rapper» — a joke written in Twitter the Brooklyn artist Ferrari Sheppard.

Robert De Niro is my favorite rapper.

— 🌹 Ferrari Sheppard (@stopbeingfamous) June 11, 2018

«Hey, America, want to know why Robert De Niro said? Because he was born in the hometown of trump — new York, and he knows the real trump, like all new Yorkers. If you still don’t understand who trump, one day you will understand,» reads another message.

But not everyone supported the famous actor and Director.

«No matter who is President and what is your political position, such behavior is simply inappropriate for this (or any other) event. It’s silly for an adult, not even just stupid, and not normal. And all this was greeted with applause» tweeted blogger mark Tapson.

Recall, this is not the first time Robert De Niro speaks rather harshly about trump. Recently he stated that he would not let the President in any of its restaurants.